Bring Back Retro Photography Using Your iPhone


Bring Back Retro Photography Using Your iPhone
Looking to resurrect the art of non-digital photography? The camera you’ve been looking for might already be in your pocket.

We live in age of convenient photography; most of us probably have one or two cameras with us every single day. The transition from analog to digital film has allowed photography to be easier, more cost effective, and higher quality, but what are the trade-offs? For some of us, the downside to digital is that much of the character present in film has been traded for zeros and ones. For those of you who, like me, sometimes miss the unique qualities of film, there are several iPhone apps that can re-create classic cameras.

Hipstamatic is making a name for itself as one of the best film-style still photography apps for the iPhone. The app comes with several virtual lenses, film stocks, and flashes, each of which alter the look of the photos you are taking, with the option to buy countless add-on lenses and film. It’s strangely satisfying to flick through your “lenses” to find the effect you’re looking for, and I’ve taken some extremely neat photos with this app. This app doesn’t do video, however, but that’s where this next one comes in.

Retro Camera Plus is similar to Hipstamatic, but it’s absolutely free (though supported by ads). Many people have ranked this app not quite as good as Hipstamatic, but it is a great place to start if you are interested in vintage iPhone photography but want to try it out without paying anything.

8mm Vintage Camera is honestly one of the coolest apps that I have ever played with. It shoots convincing vintage-looking videos in real-time, and does so seamlessly. I used this app to shoot a “home movie” last weekend, and the finished product looks pretty darn good. Included are several different vintage film effects, each of which captures it’s attempted look quite accurately. You can also disable audio recording to create an even more authentic old film.

Just because film cameras are becoming less and less common doesn’t mean that you have to part with some of the priceless effects created by film; check out these easy to use apps and watch your photography take a step back in time.

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