10 Tech Trends Higher Education Cannot Afford To Ignore


The education system has been facing a lot of threats from the burgeoning technologies which includes MOOCs and other mobile or electronic devices which are continuously disrupting the institutional structures of classrooms and campuses all around the world. As the tech develops these learning environments, universities and colleges must decide if they are going to resist to the change or get out in front of it. In order to choose from the latter option, it is important to know if the future of universities exists or not.

10 Tech Trends Higher Education Cannot Afford To Ignore

 The main challenges we are facing in today’s world is what to hold onto from the past and use that knowledge and skills to survive in the fast moving world of today. To be able to live in today’s world, it is important to understand the nature of technology as well as the what have been taught to us in the past in terms of education, society, culture and many other things as there are some things in life which we want to preserve and we have to be very clear about those things and their value to us.

I believe that there are some trends that will drastically have an effect on the alternation of the higher education landscape all around the world. Here are those 10 trends that will transform the space for us human begins:

1: The End of Personal Computer System

I believe that it is safe to say that the era of PC is long gone now and yet it is still used in our universities. We saw people fall in love with the PC and we saw people get this PC. Soon this PC was replaced by laptops and tablets all around the world, and people start using more flexible and light technological devices. People are getting more and more comfortable with small and easy to carry technological devices while on the other hand, educational institutes are becoming more used to of the use of PC technology. Hence, organizations are very slow by their very nature to make faster moves towers technological changes.

2: The Generation of Mobile Devices

We are still not sure whether to replace PR or Mac in our campuses and, on the other hand, our organizations are fighting everyday with creating technological devices that are user-friendly. Our universities and campuses are still using the old technological systems while our students who are studying in colleges or universities have moved on.  A lot of research has shown that people who are coming to campuses and universities have long moved on the form using PC and laptops to tablet devices and smartphones etc. The It industry has been developing gratingly over the years and it is coming with user-friendly devices and providing more and more connive to consumer by proving them with devices such as smartphones and tablets.

3: The surge of the Social Networks

One of the major conflicts that we face on campuses is that if we should outsource email or not? One of the major concerns of the faculty members of the campuses is the weather we should engage with the student body by the use of instant messaging or not? The use of email and instant messaging has become to decline in the age bracket of 15-24-year-olds. It is very important to understand how to communicate with the student body. As the social networking technologies are improving and changing the nature of the student body, it is becoming more and more difficult of the teachers to find the right way to communicate with their students. The social networking has advanced and it has eclipsed all the other modes of communication which are present. It does not mean that the use of email or instant messaging has fallen greatly, it simply means that the ways used by the institutional capacity to engage with the learners is getting old and it also needs to be upgraded. The institutions are falling behind and the student body is advancing in terms of technological devices and the main question in mind is that how can the institutions remain in control?

4: The upcoming generation of Networks

The need to understand that the study of global network in the field of research and the education community is very important as it is the envy of the world we live in. It is very important to maintain a healthy balance in the networking environment. Today the use of networking has gone more personal then ever before and it is unfolding the human nature in many ways. This networking is creating a gap between our campuses and the communities around us and it is becoming harder and harder to fill these gaps as campuses are not engaging in the growing networking as fast as the people of today are.

5: The Promise of the Big Data

As we all know that we all have the data we need to understand the upcoming nature of events, but it is hard to control the events. Zettabyte-scale Research provides research and discoveries from the cures of cancer, Alzheimer’s and such diseases. Such type of research depends for large data centers on campuses which can support such type of research activity. The majority of the campuses or education system cannot provide for such research or such big data operations to take place.

It is important to have control or limit on the access of videos that are available on the internet. It is important to know the data of such websites as Netflix, Youtube, Hulu and many more and it is important to have a limit on the videos provided by such websites as they have an effect on the culture and environment of a country.

6: The Constitution of the Online Learning

The concept of learning or getting education know not just limited to campuses or institutions. Know people can get knowledge over the internet. Online learning has increased over the years but the main question deals with the value of the degree that is obtained by online learning. It can be seen that over the coming years, there will be more valuable alternatives to the certification of education then today.

7: The Development of the College Campus

In the beginning of days, colleges campuses were seen as huge buildings like castles with the highest walls in order to provide a secured and covered area for education and to separate the educated people from the uneducated ones. But over the years the concept of college educations has changed. Still there are buildings in college campuses but some might have walls around them while majority of them don’t and the concept of such campuses has changed as know they tend to provide people with knowledge and experience and a comfortable, healthy environment. The goal of such campuses has changed from providing campuses that provide research community and discipline towards the transformation of human condition and the means to extend our networks in order to engage with the community in much more significant and effective manner.

8: The Future of the Learning Space

Over the years, the student base has changed and institutions are trying their level best to cope up with this change. There has been a change in the learning space which is provided to students. The lectures halls are known more interactive then before and they are more about active learning environments. The use of technology with the learning environment provides more opportunities to transform the educational levels of humans.

9: The Formula for Filling the Classroom

It is important to evolve your learning with time. It is very important to understand how to double or triple the size of talented pool required basically to move from this idea of filliping the classroom. It is the talent set of ideas or the people with big dreams and ideas that are important in the creation of the classroom.

10: The Valuation of the X-AS-A-SERVICE

One of the challenges faced by the campus is how to work out the fact that the conversations on campus about what is in fact a unique contribution that can be offered to the campus, which is in fact, these X-as-a-services are either at some risk of being unable to fill a void, at least for the time being. It is important to provide value-added in all the operations.

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