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All About Dice Diving iPhone GameDice Diving game was developed by a gentleman known as Larry Synder. Am sure you may still be wondering what this is. The Dice Diving is an iPhone game. It puts together various dice games which display a different format and scoring system. The game involves a little bit of thinking and planning while luck seems to be the major component. It is definitely a game worth trying.

The main concept behind Dice Diving is simply combining scoring and the requirements required at each stage. For example, you may be required to play a set of 3s or 4s and get a total value that is higher than twenty six. One could be ion possession of five dice, a determined number of rolls and the main purpose is to continuously improve on the rolls. The game may look hard to understand but on the contrary it is very easy.

Incorporated in the Dice Diving package is a user manual that helps one gain total understanding of the game. Actually, the theoretical aspect. The practical experience is gained as one continuously plays more and more. One can choose to play by themselves thus increasing the chances of getting a gold medal. On the other hand, one can choose to compete online.

They are three changing factors in the Dice Diving game. These factors stand for the factors that influence competitive high diving, not to forget the entry as well as the flight. Present, you will always find five unvarying slots that require to be completed, this act as an envoy of the event judges. For one to make a score they need to put together the total of the three changing factors and the value achieved is multiplied by the top three scores that come from the judges. In order to make a mark one needs to roll a hand which has a full house, or probably a top rated dice hand.

For those who have played other dice games, you will agree that Dice Diving is a unique game in comparison to the rest. It can be argued that Dice Diving is not very complex but it is very comprehensive as it has thirty six events available. This game is simple and extremely fun for the player. The fact that the game involves thinking is great as it makes it challenging. You will definitely get value for money once you purchase Dice Diving. The Lite version is available free of charge. Download it and try if you are the skeptical type. If you appreciate the game then rush to the nearest app store and get yourself rolling. This is one purchase you will not regret at all.

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