How My Old PC Helped Me Get Back My Data From a Mac HFS Hard Drive?


This article is based upon real time scenario when my Mac OS X Mini becomes inaccessible due to some system file corruption and I was not able to reach to the private and confidential data existing on my Mac volumes. This unexpected event gave me a lot of nightmares as my Mac contains some of my favourite movie collections. And not only movies, but I have a dedicated partition which holds huge stock of snapshots of college time including many of the wonderful moments spend with my close friend. Apart from my personal data, there is another partition which holds the official balance sheets of my office which is the most important data to me than anything. I imagined how my reputation would be harmed when I will disclose to my colleagues about the data loss.

Before Mac system, I used to work upon PC which I purchased back in 2009. Even though I used PC for a long period of time I never ever faced a data loss situation. Neither do I care about one. So, this was my first experience of losing valuable data on a computer system and unfortunately it was my one year old Mac. Macs are smart computer systems but I do believe that software malfunction or hardware failure may let you down anytime.

Anyway, I Google it on how to recover data from a dead Mac and got to know about some very useful information. I landed on an article which suggested recovering data from a dead Mac using a PC. Both the Mac hard drive and the PC are connected with a firewire cable. I wondered I have both a PC and a Mac, only thing which I am missing is a firewire cable. The article further suggested to connect both the systems with a firewire cable and run Mac data recovery software for Widows based platform system.

The steps performed are as below:

  • Connect Mac hard drive with PC using a firewire cable.
  • Run Mac data recovery software on windows host. Once the Mac hard drive is connected, the software automatically detects the hard drive and displays it in the interface. The software easily recognizes any HFS, HFS+, HFSX & HFS Wrapper file system based Mac volumes.
  • Select the Mac mini drive or volumes and proceed with the recovery option.
  • The software scans the volumes and the entire hard drive and lists all the recoverable files.
  • It also gives you the option to select your desired recovered files to be saved. You can check and uncheck the files manually.
  • After the selection has been done, hit the recover button and the software will ask you for the desired location for the files to be saved.

I was overwhelmed by the functioning of Mac recovery software on Windows. It recovered my essential documents, media files including tons of snapshots, movies and songs. One more thing that joyed me was I handled the whole situation by myself and without seeking any technical advice or support. Stellar Phoenix Mac Recovery on Windows is a complete Do-It-Yourself software that does brings in good results.

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