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While most Android users have often suffered from lack of accessories, Iphones have been different and users of the same have had an extensive range of accessories to choose. The question one might want answered is whether or not iphone 4S has lived to this reputation. For those planning to switch to iphone, accessories should basically be the least of your worries. Iphone 4S accessories are vast and diverse.

So, what accessories are available for iphone 4S?

To begin with, Iphone 4S cases are extensive in numbers. This is one of the many iphone 4S accessories which have hit the market. The wallet cases are just some of the accessories you might want to have a look at while waiting for your pre-ordered iphone 4S to arrive. Quality cases are already available in the market. All one has to do is identify a reputable vendor and get a case of choice.

Another one of the iphone 4S accessories is the iphone 4S car mount. This allows the user to not only use the phone in identifying turn by turn directions but also listen to its music collection. A good car amount for Iphone 4S also plays a similar role to iphone 4S charger. A gadget that charges the iPhone 4S and also provides an external line out is something to applaud the iphone 4S for.

The other iphone 4S accessory is the Apple TV which is supported by iphone 4S phone. It lets an individual mirror the iphone 4S display on their HDTV. Even more interestingly, the phone allows users to view watch movies, play interesting games and even better, acts as a controller for playing games on a larger screen.  Airplay helps in transmitting what is displaying on the iphone to a larger screen. Although a costly accessory, Apple TV is an interesting addition and everyone would wish to have in order to enjoy its user experience.

The many features of iphone 4S no doubt calls for a very efficient Iphone 4S battery. The battery for this phone has been touted as being one of the best in the market offering longer usability and reliability. The phones battery can withstand long hour’s operation and coupled with the iphone 4S charger, these accessories are no doubt vital tools for any user of iphone 4S.

Are there any other accessories?

Other than the mentioned accessories, the number of apps the phone brings a long and is able to support is extensive. Among the few you will no doubt love is the infinity blade 2, Docs to go app and hipstamatic among others. The accessories make user experience using the iphone 4s wonderful. Generally, iphone 4S brings in a range of accessories which take user experience to a new level. The iphone 4S accessories are what create a distinction between it and iphone 4. The enhanced processor, which is dual-core, unlike the single core found in iphone 4 makes it much more powerful. This implies that the phone offers much more efficiency. This is basically a phone that the makes phone users even more addicted to their handsets.

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