How Fast Can Iphone 4S Be


If there is one thing that has been making a buzz in the tech community nowadays, that is the death of Steve Jobs. However, despite the absence of the genius Steve Jobs, his legacy of making cool gadgets will continue. This has been evident in the new phone that Apple unveiled to rival nothing else. This is the phone that most people are longing to have. The phone that is referred to is the Iphone 4S.  It is the new version of the Iphone that will soon be hitting the Apple stores.
How Fast Can Iphone 4S Be

Iphone 4S is a new revitalized version of the Iphone series. Back then, people just associate Apple with computers. However, it has made a lot of elegant and cool gadgets through the supervision of the late Steve Jobs. Now, Iphone 4S promises a lot which no other phones has duplicated. It has made an outstanding mark to the mobile phone industry. At the same time, it has also made a complete turnaround in the computing industry as this mobile phone is not just another phone device. This mobile phone has the slick capacity of a computer.

Now is the time to check how this phone can be so fast. As it is still to be released, it is good to check every piece of the specs and features it offers for every consumer to know.

The A5 Core and What It Can Do?

First of all, you might think what this A5 core will do to the PC. Here are some of the important points to consider regarding the functions of A5 Core and how it will affect computing in your Iphone.

1. Faster Computing

One of the things to look forward in the new Iphone is the faster computing. The power  of dual core has made computing faster. This means that a certain core will do certain computation and the other core will also do other tasks simultaneously. Because of the two cores working simultaneously, your Iphone can process two tasks simultaneously making it speedier to process voluminous data.

2. Better Gaming

When it terms to gaming, A5 core is comparable to a desktop computer. Surely, you don’t need any desktop computers anymore. Also, graphics can be at its best due to the power of its core and how it can handle large data.

3. Mobile Desktop at hand

Because it is handy, you will surely   got the computing needs just  in your hands. And since this is one cool gadget that you can bring anywhere, Iphone 4S is the thing that you can’t leave home without.

4. Efficient Computing

One of the problems that is facing a number of people when it comes to this type of advanced gadget is the capacity of battery to last long. This has been evident to a number of smartphones where battery life has been a major problem. A5 chip efficiency also translates to its power consumption. Through its dedicated architecture, A5 chip works efficiently and effectively process data without consuming lots of energy. This is the wonder of A5 dual core that you can experience with Apple 4S.

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