Why iOS Rocks Your iPhone 4S?


Iphone has unveiled its new operating software that has redefined what mobile software should be. IOS is something that Iphone users should look forward to on its release. IOS is the new version of operating system in the phones that changed the landscape of computing. This is something new in this field and has been occupied solely by iPhone 4S.  IOS is the operating software that will be running all the Iphone 4S. And that is not all, it is not just an operating system. It is a system that is specifically designed to run in desktop computers. Now, you will have a desktop functionality in your Iphone.

Also, some of the interesting features of Iphone 4S includes a camera with 8 megapixel, computing speed to up to 1 Gigahertz, an outstanding GUI, and a reliable battery that will last long. With these features, Iphone lovers will surely grab Iphone 4S. Also, it has improved a lot of features from its predecessors and making it the coolest gadget every to be released by Apple.  Thanks to the dedication and passion of the late Steve Jobs to come up with elegant and cool gadgets, consumers can get hold of this exciting gizmo. It is truly a Swiss Army knife gadget that has it all.

Exciting Features of iOS That You Should Not Miss

If you have been thinking lately to upgrade your current Iphone with the new Iphone 4S, then, you should better think now as these gadget is still on its way to your nearest Apple Store. Now, to help you make you decisions, here are some of the cool functions that you can expect your new Iphone 4S will do thanks to its revolutionized iOS.

Faster Computing for Picture Editing

You might be wondering if you can edit pictures in your Iphone. Certainly, it might just be a crazy thought for you. But iOS let you do this stuff. Thanks to the faster A5 Dual Core, your Iphone can now process pictures perfectly.

Make Movies Using your Iphone 4S

If you want to make a mini feature documentary movie or perhaps a special feature, you can now do so with your Iphone 4S. You can shot your video clips and at the same time prepare them for a full length movie without having to download them to your PC. This is a convenient way to make cool videos and share them immediately.

Redefined Gaming Experience

Now, this is something that gamers should be thinking about Iphone 4S. With its core function that is comparable to a desktop computer, gaming will surely be the same. And the best thing of all, you can now do it while on mobile.

Cooler Graphic User Interface

The thing that is ever present in all Apple device is the quality of Graphic User Interface. IOS features some of the redefined interfaces which you can only see. It has also improved its quality which is more enhanced than its predecessors. Surely, there wont be anything better than this.

Stability is totally awesome

If there is one thing that you should look into for a gadget, that will always be stability.    IOS is developed based on OS X. When it comes to stability, this is something that you       should totally be amazed.

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