Why is Torrenting Considered to be illegal in Many Countries?


When it comes to piracy, the one thing which comes to your mind is torrenting. It is not considered illegal as long as you do not download its copyright content. Many countries and ISP’s have blocked the torrent site or have even imposed a fine due to its pirated content.

What could be the reason for offering free VPN service and are there any risks involved?

Free VPN usually comes with limited abilities. Some may have either limited server or with limited bandwidth.  Note that you might get free service in the hope that you will eventually upgrade to a paid service. Free VPN is not as safe as they might use your data and sell to the advertisers. You might also be prone to be attacked by hackers who are looking out to steal your data.

In the past few years, some VPN service such as Hola VPN had been in the news for selling the user’s connections. Most free VPN also keeps logs for identifying individual users. It might be passed on to a common third party.

Note that paid VPN’s may block torrents on free plan service. VPN’S also have apps like streameo addons.

Here is a list of best free VPN’S for torrenting:

  1. Hotspot shield – You can use free 500 MB every day. It may not be enough for downloading, but it depends on how big torrent files size is. It will only allow 1 connection per account. It is very popular as it is freely available. It provides excellent service too, such as it brings super-fast speeds.
  1. me – It offers on three server’s unrestricted torrenting. If you are an iPhone and Android user, you can use the app too. You will get a monthly usage of 2 GB although it does not have an open VPN which maybe disappoint to security-conscious users. You can download torrents without any restrictions.
  1. Windscribe – Monthly, you can use 10 GB of data. In this, you can torrent bigger files. Since it has a free version and has 11 servers so it might have a slow speed.
  1. Security Kiss – For maximum security, it supports open VPN. It gives access to only 4 locations with a daily limit of 300 MB.
  1. ProXPN – It comes both free as well as a paid service. If you are a free account holder, it will offer you excellent customer service support. You will need to have a few waiting periods to download a single movie at this speed.

Nord VPN has been considered as the best VPN for torrenting. It is only partially freely available you will need to pay a bit which is affordable. You will love this service for the following factors. Being their user, your identity or your assigned IP will remain masked. They have excellent internet speed and it is meant explicitly for torrent, and they also have torrent-friendly countries. They offer 256-bit VPN encryption and you can simultaneously connect to 6 VPN connections even from 1 account holder.

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