Samsung Galaxy II To Beat Apple iPhone?


The newest Galaxy S2 was recently released in more than 100 countries and the phone is expected to reach the US within a month. Since the demand for the new smartphone was higher than what the company expected, Samsung wasn’t able to meet the number of mobile devices that consumers were expecting that they could buy. After 85 days of being out in the market, Samsung was able to sell more than five million units all over the world. As of today, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the thinnest 1GHz phone in the world, so if you want to sell your cell phone for cash and get the S2 then don’t forget the many cash for old mobiles schemes that operate on and offline.

Samsung is currently the biggest competition of Apple and if the demand for the new Galaxy S2 continues to increase in the next few months, it won’t be long until they finally beat iPhone in the market. Since Apple is worried of the marketing success that the device has, the company even came to the point of suing Samsung just to stop the increasing sales that the latter has worldwide. The iPhone 5 will be arriving soon and there is the possibility of the Samsung Galaxy S2 overpowering the new device.

When it comes to display, who’s better?

Nothing can beat the Super AMOLED plus which is currently the best technology available for mobile display. It has the conventional RGB matrix to sharpen the display, allowing you to read small texts and images. As of now, Samsung is the only company manufacturing Super AMOLED plus displays thus, making them the only choice available if you want the best display screen in the market. Super AMOLED Plus has done so much for the company, and has even contributed to the success of the Samsung Droid Charge as being one of the most sold mobile devices on Verizon.

Aside from giving superior color, the Super AMOLED Plus also enhances readability without consuming too much battery in the process. It uses a Real-Stripe panel technology, which enables the Samsung Galaxy S2 to use 30 percent more pixels for every inch, to give you a brighter, richer, and clearer viewing experience. These are all possible without consuming too much memory space and energy.

Samsung Galaxy S2 definitely is better than the iPhone’s retina display with its Super AMOLED Plus, which brings you high resolution screen display, with natural-looking colors. The contrast and color saturation are undeniably better too, making plain images stand out. Although the iPhone 5 will be a better version of the iPhone 4S, it still isn’t a match for Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus.

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