Some Apps on the iPhone that the Windows Phone Could Do with


Some Apps on the iPhone that the Windows Phone Could Do with

Mobile devices such as the iPhone and Windows Phone 7 are now more or less a part of the daily accessories most people carry around with them especially tech savvy individuals. They want the convenience some of the apps on these devices give them either for their business or social networking activities. With the Windows Phone 7 being relatively newer, there are certain applications available on the iPhone which some users would like to see on the Windows Phone 7. Some of these mobile apps are discussed below.

  • Google Maps and MapQuest – Although the Windows Phone 7 comes with its own peculiar Maps application which is quite useful and functional, it still doesn’t quite match the Google Maps application and MapQuest on the iPhone. The Google Maps comes with a much larger database and voice directions which makes it more robust than the present Map application on Windows Phone 7.
  • TweetDeck – The TweetDeck is another application that would be a great addition if it was present on the WP7. The present Twitter application on the Windows 7 does serve pretty well but the TweetDeck has some extra features that help to extend the functionality of Twitter on mobile devices. For instance, the twitter application on WP7 is restricted to just the Twitter social network alone but TD can be extended to other social platforms. In addition, it is possible to log into multiple Twitter accounts on the TweetDeck unlike the native Twitter app on the WP7 which only allows users to stay logged into just one Twitter account at a time.
  • Safari – The mobile browser from Safari is one that will definitely perform much better than the IE that comes with the Windows Phone.
  • PayPal – With PayPal being one of the major online gateways for making and receiving payments, the PayPal app on the iPone is a major plus for those who make transactions on the move.
  • Square – This application on the iPhone is very useful for accepting credit cards on mobile devices and would be a welcome addition to the WP7.
  • Paymo – The Paymo application is used for keeping track of time and is a great tool for those who bill clients hourly. Presently, Paymo has an application developed for the iPhone and it is hoped one would be made for the WP7 as well.
  • WordPress – The WordPress app makes it possible to blog from the iPhone and this app would be a welcome addition to the WP7.
  • Facebook – Although, there is presently a Facebook application developed for the Windows Phone 7, it could still do with a few improvements to match up with the functionalities of the one present on the iPhone.

Other useful applications found on the iPhone but which are missing from the WP7 include Skype, Pandora and Dropbox. In addition, there are some very exciting games presently found on the iPhone which the WP7 does not have. There are however other options available on the WP7 marketplace and users have the opportunity to download free trials before deciding if they want to buy such applications or not.

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