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How To Use Google To Find Your Next Apartment


These days, we use Google for pretty much everything. Want to find a nearby pizza place? Google it. Want to learn more about a medical condition? Google it. Want to learn more about the history of the United States? Google it. Want to know how many seconds are in twenty years? Google it.

Whether you are using it to find vital or trivial information, Google can be a powerful tool. It can even help you find your next apartment. How so?

Ask Google your Questions

Especially if this is your first time looking for an apartment, you probably have a lot of questions about what the process entails. Google can be helpful at answering some of your most basic questions. You can find articles that offer the pros and cons of living with a roommate versus living alone. You can find tools that will help you calculate how much you can actually afford for apartment rent. You can even use Google to find opinions from others about the features you should look for when choosing an apartment community.

How To Use Google To Find Your Next Apartment

Search by Location

Instead of just searching aimlessly through apartment buildings in all areas, Google makes it possible for you to narrow your search by location. Just choose your search terms wisely. For instance, searching “apartments in North Carolina” and “apartments in Raleigh” will give you two very different types of results. Go ahead and be as specific as possible to find the most relevant apartment communities.

Find Other Apartment Resources

If you need to narrow down your search even more, Google can help you find other websites and resources that are exclusively dedicated to apartment hunters. Sites like and make it easy for you to search by location, number of bedrooms, commute time, rent amount, and more. You can even look for apartment communities that provide garages, in-unit laundry, dishwashers, swimming pools, and other features.

So long are the days of having to check the newspaper for available apartments. Now, with the few clicks of a button, Google can be your best friend when it comes to finding your next apartment.

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