5 Tips To Getting Your Homepage Content Right


Of all the pages on your website, the homepage is probably the most influential. It is the first page viewers see when they click on your URL and with only a few seconds to make the right impression, it is vital you get your homepage content spot-on. Here are five tips to achieve this.

5 Tips To Getting Your Homepage Content Right

Be succinct

Use your homepage to briefly explain who you are and what your audiences can get from your site. Be as succinct as possible. If you need to explain information in further detail, you can always do this on other pages. Use headings, bullet points and short sentences to maintain interest and aid readability.

Add keywords

Keywords are the cornerstone of effective SEO, so incorporate words or phrases that relate to your site on the homepage. A word of warning – use keywords as naturally as possible and do not cram them in for the sake of it. Search engines, and your readers, will soon get a whiff of this and it won’t earn you any brownie points.

Make sure you know which keywords are the right ones to use for your business by doing some keyword research prior to constructing your homepage content. According to LinkedIn, you can’t optimise your site and achieve qualified traffic and leads until you know which words or phrases are most important for your website to rank.

5 Tips To Getting Your Homepage Content Right

Easy navigation

Your homepage should make it easy to navigate your site, with hyperlinks quick to locate and buttons correctly labelled. A professional web business that offers web design in Belfast and elsewhere, such as, will have the skills to boost the navigation features on your homepage.

Write for your audience

Your homepage should be geared towards the needs and desires of your target audience. Step into their shoes when creating content for this page and provide information to enable them to understand what they can get out of your site. Use words such as ‘you’ and ‘your’ to engage instantly with your audience.

Focus on benefits

Be as specific as possible about the benefits of your products or services on your homepage. Vague comments will not lead to conversions, so use specific statements, facts or data to persuade audiences to invest in your brand. Testimonials are also a great way to support your claims on your homepage.

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