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Blog monetization has become a lot easier with the self serve ad platforms such as Google Adsense and all the top alternatives. These platforms provide easily acquirable and manageable ways and features for monetizing your blog. However making money out of blogs is not as easy as it sounds; that said it’s not as difficult as stated as well! The right techniques, their implementations, and the way they are used are the key factors. Unless you have everything upright you cannot get decent traffic and without that your blog would remain restricted to your view only.


The self serve ad platforms are the facilities provided for generating money; if used right! Listed below are the steps you need to take to make the self serve ad services work right for you and if you want an output from the hard work:

1. Banner Location:

The primarily important role is played by the ad only if it’s properly located. The position of the banner has all the impact you need; simply saying a better position has better revenue. It’s true and the performance of your banner has to maximize to see the results. You need to place the ad where it’s easily viewable i.e. top right side of the page, within the content, slider, top sold etc.

2. Monetizing As Per Traffic Stats:

You need to be aware of your sites volume to monetize it accordingly to get the highest yield. The self serve ad platform you choose should have the optimization algorithm to let you access your sites traffic stats; the greater the volume is, speedy would be optimization, this would enable your ad platform to optimize the traffic and reach higher eCPMs.

3. Rich Media Banners:

The influence of interactive ads is more than the static ones. Generally anything which shows movement is more visible then the action less fixation. The rich media banners increase the possibility of user’s better experience and better graphics entice them to click. Try using sliders or stay ons etc.

4. Diversify:

Try diversifying the size of ads you choose and vary their layouts. Giving a monotonous look drags away the attention of readers. You r content is the main player of grabbing attention but the display builds impression, a play around with colors of ads and sizes can add the prudence.

5. Change Angles:

As discussed above play around with ads to maximize their performance. If changing the angle of a picture hanging on wall can change the effect of the room, then rotating the images can add that effect as well. Remember that you’re trying to attract readers, one way or the other and a boring look can make them sway away. Add frequency caps for monitoring the number of times a single visitor see’s the ad; refresh them after a certain limit.

It’s important for you to stay patient and motivated at the same time while monetizing your site. It takes time and a lot of effort to monetize your traffic, but it brings results. To find out the direction of traffic is the main goal which will be exhausting but once you do, you’ll be pleasantly enjoying the outcomes. Give yourself the chance to know your traffic through a self serve ad platform and also experience the great promotional materials to feel the difference.

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