Improvements in Google Instant Previews


Introduction: Google is a billion dollar company and they are always on the lookout for new ideas. The professionals are always making sure that Google is constantly evolving. Google is the search engine which most people across the globe prefer. There are other search engines as well like Bing and Ask but they are far from being successful in competing with Google. Google is not only easier to use but is also reliable as well.

What is Google instant preview?

In the November of last year, Google announced its instant preview feature. People have mixed opinions about this feature introduced by Google. Some term it as useful while others say they were better off without it. However, instant previews have some benefits for the users. Instant preview helps you to visually compare WebPages. Preview of the site will show on the right hand side of the Google search engine when you click on the magnifying glass. This Feature is very useful for people who want to access the right link in a short time. It enables them to choose the right website without having to open the link all the way to homepage of the site.

Improvement in Google Instant Preview:

The professionals have tried to make Google more user friendly by improving the already helpful feature of Instant preview. With improvement in the feature, all users have to do is to put mouse over the link of the web page which they want to preview. Instantly, they will be able to see the homepage of the website on the right hand side of the engine. The older Google instant preview doesn’t support flash while it supported webmaster and SEO. The Google quickly realized the flaw in their instant preview feature and introduced flash because many people complained that it was as easy to click the link as it was to click the magnifying glass on the right side of link. Google rectified this by making Google search engine flash compatible. This saves users the trouble of clicking on the magnifying glass to see components of websites.

The developers of Google are still not satisfied with the development and want to free the search engine from reliance on flash so that even those people who do not have flash in their computer can also benefit from the feature.

Google also announced Instant previews for the AdWords. This feature is very useful for advertisers as this can save them money because they won’t have to pay for the previews.

Recently Google has also announced improvements to Instant preview by making it supportive to .doc and.ppt files. The big improvement that Google has made is to make instant previews compatible with almost all mobile software and not just android or symbian.

Making Google instant preview supportive to flash is perhaps not the greatest improvement that developers have made to search engine but it certainly ensures that Google is constantly evolving so that users may not be bored by using same features for a long period of time.

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