Phone Apps For Soccer, Baseball, And Other Sports Fans


A lot of sports fans, regardless of the sport they follow, want to be informed about the latest scores and developments at any given point in time. A lot is an underestimation – millions of people use phone apps for sports. Popular ones include ESPN’s ScoreCenter, Sportacular, Yahoo! Fantasy Football, DirecTV, CBS Sports: College, and many others.

Getting the latest information

Score Center is a free app launched this summer. Almost three million sports fans are using it at the present. This app gives you the latest information about your favorite sports teams at all hours of the day. Sportacular is another app that features more options and information, including customized notices and notifications in real time. It was developed by Citizen Sports.

ESPN also offers a radio app with live streams from over 15 radio stations throughout the United States.

Another app is the Fantasy Football Cheatsheet 2010, featuring up-to-date information about all the sports games you are interested in, down to the latest injury, as well as custom rankings based on your league scoring system, team depth charts, ADP and AAV.

Getting live game feeds

The tried and true Major League Baseball At Bat features live game radio and video feeds. You can also buy live streams of the games that interest you most for a very low price. The app works on iPhone and BlackBerry platforms.

Watching sports

The new sports app by CBS is worth getting because the channel is streaming some live college games (football and basketball) every week. The games are streamed via wireless and 3G.

The Sprint NFL app allows users to access exclusive content and watch live NFL video. This application is exclusively for Palm Pre and BlackBerry users. The company reports that it has been downloaded by over 1.5 million subscribers.

NFL Sunday Ticket™ To-Go is an app by DirecTV intended for football fans who are iPhone users. The app itself is free, but that is not very consoling because you have to be a DirecTV subscriber to take advantage and pay several hundred dollars for NFL Sunday Ticket and the SuperFan service, jointly. So, it is only for people who have done this already. If you are among these people, it is very easy to download and install this app. It is also available for users of Palm Pre and BlackBerry.

Finally, Madden 2010 offers a mini version of your favorite game. It is easy to use and costs around ten dollars.

Apps exclusively for baseball fans include the At Bat 2010, Baseball Stats, ESPN iScore Baseball Scorekeeper, and Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball ’109 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011. lets you listen live to every season and post-season game and access the latest box scores and player statistics. The app allows you to watch game highlights, live streaming games, and more. Baseball Stats gives you the statistics for Major League Baseball players. More specifically, you can compare a player’s best years to those of other players.

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  1. Those are all great apps for sports fans. I would certainly have to recommend an app for the top of your list. The DISH Remote Access app is free from my TV provider/employer DISH Network. It’s great for sports fans and fans of TV in general. With it you can stream all of your TV channels to any compatible phone or tablet, including sports channels! It also allows access to control and view DVR content so you never miss a game. I can watch TV where ever I go as long as I have 3g/4g or WIFI access. It is easily the best sports and TV app out there.

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