Email Mailing Lists – Why They Are Important


Despite all the talk about using Facebook pages and Twitter for marketing purposes, email mailing lists are still just as important. See, although social networking is vital, when you have email addresses, you can connect on a more targeted level.

Many people think they are going to start an online business, get rich fast and retire. Sorry folks, this rarely happens. While making money online is rewarding, it also takes work and a lot of it. You don’t just throw a website out there, sit back and hope it sticks. You have to change with the times, continually freshen things up, interact and network!

What are You Selling?

You need a product to make money; plain and simple! Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical product though. You could be drop-shipping, using affiliates or hoping to make money off ads from Google AdSense, Chitika or Infolinks. These are all products in their own way.

You may be tempted to join a free safelist to get started with an email list and you might work endless hours at this but where do you really think it’s going to get you? Sure, it may be free to become a member but isn’t your time worth something? Think about it, how many emails do you really open where you don’t recognize the sender and the ones you do open, do you actually click-through? Rarely, right? Save your time and skip the tempting safelists.

Why Build an Email List

Building your email list takes a lot of time; this is something you never stop doing! No matter how successful you become, keep on adding to the list.

  • When someone subscribes and actually gives you their email address, this means that they trust you. This gives you the opportunity to send emails about sales, specials and new products but don’t go overboard. Keep in mind, they can unsubscribe if you irritate them.
  • They are granting you permission to contact them and there’s a good chance that they’ll even read an email when they see one come through from you.
  • You have a way of keeping in contact with a potential customer who perhaps wasn’t ready to buy yet but is still very much interested. Never stick your nose in the air at someone who doesn’t buy right way, you never know the long-term relationship you could end up having with that person.
  • Email lists help you build strong business relationships with people. The more connected you are the more trustworthy you become. This leads to referrals and repeat sales.
  • Your call-to-action has a higher success rate. Your customer doesn’t have to spend time researching your company or reading reviews because they’ve already had a favorable experience. Therefore, if you happen to send an email for free shipping on all garden tools on a week they were going to stock up for spring anyway, there’s a very high chance that they will just buy from you.

If you ask any online marketers what their key to success has been, they will likely see their email list. This is a valuable tool that you need to use from the beginning! People on your list don’t know that they are only one out of a dozen; write it like you are addressing your customers across the country. People respond to confidence!

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