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AT&T Navigator App for iPhoneIs the AT&T Navigator for iPhone worth a $10 monthly subscription to be paid to AT&T? In this day and age GPS knowledge is universal and does not warrant another description. The usefulness of having it on a mobile phone and a value comparison with the other drive direction apps are both helpful and will be investigated here.

The could –be ­­­-better

If you want on going directions on the AT&T Navigator app for iPhone, the navigator has to be kept running. You cannot toggle between other programs like email or SMS without disrupting the directions. The iPod and its functions are better integrated with access to playlist and media controls, available with an onscreen touch, which mutes the music while the app is giving directions to you.

The Navigator slows down often. The reason is that it misses the mark in positioning accuracy by a 50 to 500ft range. When driving on a highway this is no big deal. But in the city square, receiving a turn instruction to a street just when you have passed it is frustrating .It is also slow in start up. Given that you have to go toggle between applications, you are waiting quite a bit of time for the application to get moving.

Lastly there are too many u-turn directions. This action is often illegal, and when circumventing the u-turn it has to reroute the driver quite often.

The Better
This app can be fun and enjoyable. Routing tends to be efficient and good. The $10 application includes traffic updates. At holiday season the traffic updates helps to choose the route even over the AT&T Navigator app for iPhone, which is working off the standard inanimate map.

The star of the app is the routing system, which is based on the server. This gives it the ability to change routes not based on the saved map but real time situations on the road. If an accident has caused a block it will route you around it. Currently the Navigator application allows both portrait and landscape views.


Few advantages that Google apps does not provide which this app does

• Confirmed map information that is regularly updated avoiding incorrect routing. There is nothing more irritable than a routing device which routes incorrectly.

• A human giving commands brings greater relaxation.
• Alerts given before the emergence of situations which help you to circumvent emerging problems in traffic.

• Hour to hour updates of useful information. For example updates of gas prices, weather, Wi-Fi hot spots, commute alerts and movie listings/ticket purchasing
Final Analysis: AT&T Navigator remains a popular app to date. If you don’t yet possess a stand alone GPS or don’t want to put up with the limitations of the iPhone’s Maps application, the application offered by Navigator is a superior free option. Requires monthly subscriptions but paying it for a season in one go will help you with cost and convenience.

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