Impact S305 from Lexmark: Cheapest Printer with Both Speed and Quality


Impact S305 from Lexmark Cheapest printer with both speed and quality

This printer from Lexmark is undoubtedly worthy for $99 with quality and speed. The model is superior to other expensive models of various brands. It is true that Impact S305 does not include many features but is worth for home and small office where quality is the only concern.

The entire assembly is black except for some silver around its top and looks great for its price. It can well be accommodated in your office or home without any difficulty.

The front portion consists of control panel which can be pulled out for operation. The left portion of the control panel has ‘Set up’ and ‘Power’ buttons and the right side has keys to switch over for colour printouts. There is a small LCD screen in the middle which displays the task carried out.

The S305 Impact has memory card slot and an USB port for making connection to digital camera. It contains one more USB panel at the rear side for connecting to your computer along with a power cable. You cannot flush the unit with the wall since the power cable is slightly protruding in the back side.

The input tray and the output tray are placed in different position in Impact S305. The input tray is on the top which contains 100 papers and the feed out tray is at the bottom which ejects the printout paper. The printer does not support document feeder and duplexer.

On pulling the lid you can see the ink cartridges and print head. It contains one black ink and three coloured ink cartridges. Fixing the cartridges and changing inks are easy and simple. The unit can be assembled easily. For installation you have to insert the CD in the computer and it guides through the process. The Impact S305 offers wireless connectivity at this price.

The testing did not meet any problem in the process of printing. Three different modes are available for taking printouts. For copying you have either colour or normal option. Apart from taking printouts from computer you can print from flash drive or memory card or digital camera.

The model has friendly interface and also speed. Generally the speed was great in printing text documents at different modes. Even it proved good for printing graphics plus text. For printing photos the S305 did excellent job. It surpassed in speed even the expensive models from other brands. Scanning was bit slower than its competitive printers and copying speed was not consistent.

The printer produced high quality image both in text, graphics and photo printing. When considering the cost of cartridges the printer is not too expensive and the cost for one page is average.

On the whole, Impact S305 from Lexmark is ideal choice for home and small office which gives both speed and quality for cheap price.

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