The Baby Explorer For iPad


The Baby Explorer For iPad

I haven’t had to keep a baby entertained in years. My baby was always much more interested in what I was playing with than what I had recently bought him. They always wanted to play with the real phone and never touched the toy one. The same things will probably apply to your iPad as well. As soon as you start playing with it, so will your child. Facebook and emails probably won’t be something they are showing any interest in at this age.

Baby Explorer Takes The Stage

If you can’t take your entertainment center with you to keep your child busy, bring your iPad.  You don’t have to worry about breaking or anyone choking and there is a plethora of activities for children to play on.  There are several different modes on the iPad for children and it plays with their sight, sound and touch senses. Since the Baby Explorer app cost $2.99, I kind of wanted to see more from it. This is a fast-working device and I figured it would come with a few other things for the kids to do. In fact, I don’t know if there are enough activities to keep my baby occupied for hours (probably a good thing). You’ll want it back when they get done anyhow.   So, I really shouldn’t complain about the lack of activities. It does help children with their motor skills but also supplies you with a few minutes to do something else. As the app gets older, the developer should (hopefully) come up with some new additions. If your cramped with not many toys on a traveling trip, the iPad Baby Explorer app is definitely one to own Even if you don’t have kids, it can keep you from getting a headache from the kid next to you on the flight.

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  1. You said how there are a lot of activities for children, that sounds like it would be good for children to keep them occupied, but I heard today on the radio that hackers hacked into I pads and stole personall information of 100,000 people who owned I pads!

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