The iPad Accu Weather


The iPad Accu Weather

The Apple iPhone’s built-in application for weather has never been my favorite. It dies allow you to view things like the current conditions and the regular highs and lows, but I live in snowy Michigan where the snow accumulation and forecasts on the hour are much more helpful. To fix this problem I added the Accu Weather app and have liked it since it was added onto my iOS.  The iPad doesn’t have a weather application, so I made it my job to find one. The Accu Weather application that I had at the time didn’t have a version for my iPad. I had to get a couple different other apps that would suffice.  Accu Weather did release a version after all and it became one of the first apps  accessible on my iPad. Instead of making a newer version of the old version, they upgraded it to fit nicely on my iPad screen. I have a specific location for weather related items and it allowed me to move the map anywhere on my iPad, including my designated spot.

You Can Look At the Weather In a Lot of Different Ways

This application is fun and enjoyable to use. There is an interactive dial on the next screen on your location point that you can touch on at anytime of the day and it will give you the forecast for that time span. The same TV update for the weather that are shown on the news are also included on the app in streaming video. If you live n a Tropical area along the coast, the application will give you the information pertaining to storms and hurricanes in the area as well.

This is the best application out there for weather applications. The others are good, but this one is my favorite out of all of them.

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