The iPad PDF Expert: Forms To Come, So Markup Now


The iPad PDF Expert

When first buying my iPad I saw it as a great solution to keep my cameras equipment manuals and some of my demo scripts using Adobe PDF format. With the iOS, you can view PDF’s in your Mail, but otherwise Apple didn’t make it to be viewed any other way. Third parties started coming up with new apps to view PDF’s. Readdle Docs is the app I have been using on my iPad to view PDF’s and I’ve been quite happy with it. There are other apps you can use that are also great alternatives. Annotations and markups of the PDF are now the main focus of a lot of the new apps coming out. Personally, Readdle Docs has everything I need and they have been incorporating all these new changes into their format, but Expert for the iPad is the newest addition with these changes. Expert is a good app to go with if Markups is something you can use a lot. This is not the only app out there that is endowed with the markup feature. People have been asking about PDF Form Fill-In’s and the PDF Expert may have this feature in the future. It has me taking a closer look at the PDF Experts app closely.

On The Way Is the PDF Form Fill-In

I talked to the developer and was able to ask a very important question that everyone wants to know . Is the application going to add PDF Form Fill-In?  “It’s coming” was the answer I was given. I have an idea of when it’s coming out, and it’s soon, but I can’t tell you exactly when.  This is what I told them. They would go over-the-top with the addition of a Form Fill-In. I can’t guarantee anything, but if you were to purchase the app now, there may be a way to add the Form Fill-In when it comes out later.

What PDF Expert Can Offer

  • Text with highlights
  • Notes
  • Finger markups and drawings
  • Bookmarks that you can create
  • Strikethroughs and underlining
  • Sharing online by Email, iDisk, Dropbox, MobileMe, FPT, Google Docs, SFTP, WiFi Sharing and WebDAV
  • Password protection at the app level
  • Folders created in the app allow PDF and zips to be moved into them

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