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Virtual Servers – Growing business


Virtual Servers – Growing business

Ever noticed your website getting slow on a shared hosting account but can’t warrant paying the high costs of a Dedicated Server? A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the solution that will fill a lot of your requirements. This is effectively a Dedicated Server ‘Sliced’ into smaller segments, each segment is assigned a certain allocation of disk space, dedicated memory and CPU. This therefore gives you the performance of a Dedicated server but at a much lower cost, other major selling points of a virtualized server include:
With it running on hardware contended by less users, your site/s should feel the benefit right away, running as they have been designed and developed. Scripting languages such as PHP should be able to assign a larger amount of memory to run more demanding tasks.
With hundreds/thousands of sites and scripts running alongside each other on a basic hosting account, some downtime and degrading performance will happen over time, making the step up to a virtual server all the more beneficial.
SSH/Root access
If you wish to gain full control over the server then you can utilise the command line access and can customise at a server-level.
With email all held on your server this provides you with full control and robustness for all your emails, no longer will you need to relay on your hosts mail server and having to deal with slow downs during peak hours or accessing a mailbox from multiple locations, this will increase the speed and efficiency. No longer would you be blacklisted due to someone else issues.
With full control comes the ability to block and restrict traffic. This can include IP address’s and ranges from effecting your server.

Remember! It’s not always about price – Just because one VPS is cheaper than another, it doesn’t mean that the service you will receive will be the same. Usually it’s worth to look around and see what support (If any) is available, if something were to go wrong or you need something updating on the VPS, would your hosts be able to assist. This is a major factor when looking to move up the hosting market.

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