Break Through Your Pain in 60 Seconds


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Are you someone like me who have to perform your duties from 9 to 5 daily? I must say, it is inherent to develop some kind of chronic pain sitting 8 hours straight on your chair. This is very obvious for any one going for desk job and I was no different. My pains started into my first month of work and this was primarily due to the fact that I would not even want to get up from my chair to communicate with my colleagues. As time passed on, I started experiencing severe pains yet, I continued to ignore them. My lower neck and back got stiff and I had trouble getting up. I know for a fact that this is the very same problem faced by thousands of American office workers. However, ever since I came across the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), I have gone off in a healthier, more active direction. Here’s how AOA can also help you.

Break Through Your Pain in 60 Seconds

The American Osteopathic Association identified chronic pains as something abundant within American workers. It has taken upon itself to ensure that victims of this condition are alleviated of their pain. So, how to avoid and prevent pain in the workplace? Take a look at this video where Doctor Rob Danoff, an AOA certified physician, has demonstrated 2 exercises that can eliminate your chronic pain. Surprisingly, it'd take only 60 seconds to get rid of needless strain on your body while at work.

These two essential exercises will help you Break Through Your Pain. The first requires you to put your right hand on your right knee and left hand on your left knee. Gently move your hands to your calves while sitting down and then move them back up. This rejuvenates your back muscles by stretching them. The next exercise is called “shoulder roll” and you need to move your shoulders in a circular motion while inhaling and exhaling gently. This brings relief to your upper back muscles and lower neck muscles.

I found these exercises extremely helpful, because they are not only useful but also quick to perform. Unlike most exercises, these two stretches really take less than sixty seconds. So, if you feel any discomfort during work, do not ignore it. Rather, take out a minute of your time to stretch out. The reason as to why I would recommend these stretches to anyone is the time constraints workers face and they are so easy and quick to perform.

Apart from these exercises, Doctor Rob Danoff also suggests you to hold walking meetings, leave your desk to talk to your colleague and take stretch breaks after every 30 minutes. These tips just want us to change our habits at the workplace and the results can be phenomenal, atleast it worked for me.

I would suggest everyone to watch the video at least once if they’ve ever felt a slight problem concerning back pain. Let AOA help you break through your pain and cure them once and for all. Do not hesitate to share this post with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and spread the word about eliminating work-related pain.

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