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These days, we cannot even imagine surviving without technology, as it’s increasingly being integrated in every part of our homes. Roca has come up with remarkable, top-of-the-line bathroom gadgets over the years and their collection of bathroom mirrors does not disappoint – it’s innovative with modern designs. The Innova Mirror is a premium creation that would seamlessly fit into your modern hi-tech bathroom.

The Roca Innova Mirror incorporates the finest technology to bring you one of the best quality bathroom mirrors. The best thing about this is that it comes with a built-in demister pad. For those who do not know, a demister pad is what clears the fog on a mirror and doesn’t let it stay. This makes the demister mirrors essentially fog-resistant. This mirror has a built in FM radio to keep you entertained in the bath. All we need to nowadays is a place to dock our iPods, so we have something to bob our heads to. Thankfully, this mirror allows you to connect auxiliary music sources – that include your MP3s, iPods, iPads or your mobile phones – and play back music of your choice.

When not in use, it looks just like a regular bathroom mirror, but don’t let it fool you. Once it fires up to life, the Innova looks very futuristic with its interactive touch screen that also features an array of action buttons. For most people, the MP3 panel is very convenient as people have gotten to be impatient with the advancement of technology and so they want everything on a single click. It displays the time (in both 12- and 24-hour formats) and room temperature, too. It also has a stunning integral fluorescent light that bathes your bathroom in a soft glow which looks very remarkable, especially with the contrast of dark tiles and wooden floors. Also, every time this light is turned on, it kicks in the anti-fog system that keeps the surface of the mirror moisture-free.

Apart from all these cool features, the Roca Innova is also fairly easy to install and clean. This wall mounted mirror looks really attractive on any bathroom wall. The good news is that it is a budget price mirror, so hopefully you won’t be breaking banks. The Innova bathroom mirrors come in two sizes 790mmx790mm or 1000mmx790mm. It’s small but it does it all!

This sleek and stylish invention is a fine amalgamation of modern technology and aesthetics that is sure to brighten your bathroom. By installing the Innova to your bathroom, you could have a charming bathroom along with its very new-age features like a touch screen, a radio, connection to play music from your MP3 or iPod, temperature display, clock, not to mention a clear moisture-free mirror, which sounds like a very luxurious mirror for any contemporary bathroom.

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