9 Ways to Lose Weight Using an iPhone


Here’s list of 9 iPhone apps and tools to help you lose weight.


Meal Snap

This Meal Snap newest dieting app to break news headlines regarding iPhone softwares or applications, easily tracks whatever you eat. It simply snap a picture of what you are about to eat. To make sure the accuracy, you should enter a description. This app will auto-magically identify the nutritional decomposition of the food while mapping your calorie of what you take over time. You can download it by paying $2.99.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club possess a program made on a basis of years of exercises with first-rate athletes. You should just drag from their pool of ninety plus multi-dimensional, multi-directional drills to devise your own complete body exercises agenda. You can download it free of charge.

Daily Burn

Daily Burn and Meal Snap have the same creators. It utilizes their FoodScanner characteristic to scan UPC barcodes of more than 350,000 diets. You should no need to type. The app also contains an apparatus for designing and scrutinizing your own customized exercises agenda. It can be downloaded free of cost.


What’s appealing about CrunchFu is its capability to detect movement. You should just embrace the iPhone next to your chest when you carry out sit-ups, and this app will give you comments on your speed and form. It can be downloaded by paying $0.99.

Fast Food Calorie Counter

While eating fast food is surely contradictive to dieting, everybody slips up from time to time. If you can not administer to get rid of these guilty trips, then you should as a minimum screen your intake. Fast Food Calorie Counter presents a searchable catalog of nutritional data for 9,141 menu items from seventy and three top restaurants of fast food. Its cost is only $0.99.


Digifit is a cardio app that keeps an eye on your heart rate by means of a real-time heart rate chart. It also tracks your outside running and cycling kilometers, and computes the burned calories based on your heart beat, tallness, weight, age, gender and fitness rank. It is a cost free app.


If your iPhone is possess an armband and iMapMyRUN, then it can become an impressive companion while you are running. You can put on your much loved playlist, and can register your distance, pace, time, and speed by means of your iPhone’s GPS.  You can download it fully free of cost.


The people who are shy from gym shy or if some one can not afford so costly every day yoga classes. Then Pret-a-Yoga acts as a personal instructor. Now you are free from the ill at ease and curative touching or charges of the membership of studio. You can get pleasure from your own private yoga instructor. Its cost is $0.99.

Lose It!

Lose It! is a totally free app that lets you to make a full weight management agenda by budgeting calorie you take and every day workout. Just enter your statistics, make your agenda, and have your evaluated improvement sent to your email.


This article is written by Kashif Raza who is a contributor at Weight Loss Diets for Women. In this website you will find a review of Diet to Go, a company that specialises in the design, preparation and home delivery of portion-controlled, low calorie diet meals.

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