A Review of Powwownow for the iPhone


A Review of Powwownow for the iPhone

It’s a complete mystery to me how the creators of Powwownow make any money, or whether they even do. The excellent conference-call service is available free via this app. And you’ll find, when you download it, that this is conference calling as it’s supposed to be. Not only can you easily and smoothly set up conferences, with no hassles or glitches, but Powwownow also gets all the details right. It will integrate with your phone list or email list, work out your location via GPS and use that to choose the optimal call-in number, dial it automatically, and even generate and remember a PIN.

You can join pre-existing conferences, or start your own, and they can even include description lines and titles. You can also create an invitation list, generated from your contacts, and see at a glance the time of the conference in the relevant time zones. This will save you from any unfortunately-timed calls, such as waking clients or friends in the middle of night.

You’ll find making conference calls on the app much, much easier than any land-line service you know, because all relevant information – locations, numbers, addresses – are integrated right on your iPhone, and you’ll probably find it becoming your conference tool of choice, even with easy land-line access. If you like the service, there is also a website, though all the dialing could get a bit tedious. But this app clearly illustrates that smartphones and conference calls are a match made in heaven.

Powwownow delivers precisely what it promises, and enhances productivity with its well planned and well-executed features. You won’t find any of the glitches you may expect – calls being dropped, misdirected invitations, or confusion of the correct participants. There’s no mess, and no fuss – simply conference calling done right, exactly as it should be. No hidden costs, no frustration with mix-ups, confusion, lost calls, or aborted conferences. Just proper, reliable conferencing with all the right details, features, and integration.

Once you download and test the app, you’ll never look back, and you’ll never again spend a fortune on second-rate services. The only price involved is the cost of the phone calls themselves. The fact that Powwownow is available for free really is amazing, considering that it works perfectly. I highly recommend it.

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