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Ok, we all know the app phone of choice is the iPhone. But if you like your mobiles with actual buttons which are designed to, y’know, do useful stuff and not die once the warrantee runs out and need an IT outsourcing company to fix it, (*cough* Apple *cough*) then you probably own a Blackberry.

And just because you chose a sensible phone over one with all the bells and whistles (are we really so lazy that we now need to tell our phone to do something over actually touching buttons?) it doesn’t mean that you should suffer on the app front.

Blackberry apps used to leave a lot to be desired, but they are improving pretty drastically and pretty quickly. They’re clearer, nicer to look at and easier to navigate.

If you want to have it all on your functional phone, these are the apps you should have.

1. Twitter

If you don’t have Twitter nowadays, you might as well not be on this planet. Great whether you’re looking for social interaction and your biggest dream is being retweeted by Steven Fry, or you need to build connections for work. The app is sleek, letting you do all the essentials, so tweeting, retweeting, hashtagging and searching while you’re on the go is no problem.

2. Facebook

The only acceptable way to connect with your old school friends, and school enemies. And the best thing is the app doesn’t yet have any of that news feed filtering nonsense. You can just see whats happened recently, update your status, send messages and search through your friends; all in a nice, simple to use interface.

3. Google Maps

Where would we be in life without Google Maps? Lost, probably. This Blackberry app is great – the GPS finds your location quickly and you can get simple directions whether you’re driving, walking or going by public transport. It even gives you the opening hours of the business you’re trying to find. Perfect.

4. Blackberry Protect

This app is like that friend that you know secretly loves you – it’s not exciting or fun enough to use all the time, but it’s there for you when it all goes wrong.

If your phone gets lost or stolen, this app allows you to remotely lock your phone and compose a message that sits on the screen for whoever finds it/has it (just try to make it a little more helpful than “DIE MOTHERF****R DIE”). You can also track it on a map, make it ring at full volume if you’ve misplaced it somewhere in your house, and back up all your important info wirelessly. In my opinion the most helpful app on the market.

5. PixTrix

Because you can’t carry your Cannon everywhere and effects make even the most rubbish photos look cool. This app lets you place a huge number of filters on you photos, including a vintage effect, double exposure and saturation, and then allows you to upload to Facebook.

Seeing as Instagram for Blackberry has failed to materialise, this is the next best thing!

Can you think of any Blackberry apps I’ve missed off my list?

James Duval is an IT specialist who is addicted to his Xbox. Given the choice, he would rather spend his days roaring around the world on his motorbike seeing the greatest architecture the globe has to offer. He lives for the sound of a great guitar riff, and a well written blog. Currently, he writes for ArcIT.

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