6 Really Cool Kitchen Gadgets


Nowadays, you will not only find high-tech gadgets in the living room or
in your son’s bedroom. The kitchen in every modern household these days is
also filed with gadgets that make cooking and doing other things in the
kitchen a lot easier. Some of these gadgets are the following:

1. Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser

This tea infuser will not only spare you from any extra-terrestrial
invasion. It will certainly make your tea time such a really good time.
Fill your Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser with any loose leaf tea and
plunk it into your tea cup. But, please do stop thinking about how you can
enhance your light saber skills. It will only make you thirst for more
cups of tea!

2. Egg Cuber

What is the shape of an egg? This question may lead little kids to answer
“oval, round, or oblong”. But, mathematicians would argue that the shape
of an egg is “spheroid, oblate, or ellipsoid”. However, if you are going
to ask modern mothers and chefs you will be surprised to hear them answer,
“square”. Yes, an egg nowadays can be square if you use that cool kitchen
gadget called egg cuber. This gadget is perfect for serving eggs on
special occasions or for preparing meals for your kids.

3. Salt-and-Pepper Robots

They say that there will come a time when robots will dominate the earth.
Well, this may sound like a post “Tranformers” syndrome. However, before
these things will turn into reality better take advantage first of making
slaves out of robots. Grab these so called salt and pepper robots and
demand them to make each meal more delicious. Just be quick enough to
subdue them should they make any attempts of uprising.

4. Portable Toasters

Mornings have always been better with a toast sprinkled with cinnamon and
sugar mixture. Some people try to break the monotony of their morning
toasts by topping it with either a peanut butter or a strawberry jam.
Unfortunately, being away from home and traveling elsewhere may deprive
you of the chance to have your favorite toasts. The good news is that you
can now make your own toasts even when you are traveling on a train or in
your car trying to catch up with your early morning schedule. Just grab
this portable toaster and use it whenever and wherever you want to toast
your bread.

5. Smoke Detector Silencer

Sometimes, cooking in the kitchen would mean having to bear with the smoke
as well as the noise of the smoke detector. Luckily, you can now put an
end to this unbearable smoke detector noise by using a very handy smoke
detector silencer remote control. It may not be able to improve your
cooking, but it will certainly make cooking much more convenient and

6. Chopsticks as Sauce Dispensers

Mealtimes can never be more convenient as having these sauce dispenser
chopsticks. It will not only save you from the trouble of spilling sauce
on your clothes or table cloth. It will also make eating more enjoyable as
you do not have to wait for others to get done using the sauce dispenser.
You just have to squeeze the end of your chopstick sauce dispenser and you
can have a more palatable sushi in an instant!

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