Locking Up Your Gat


Who else do you want touching your guns while they are in your home?  Your kids, your wife, your dog?  Look around yourself and realize you need to have your gun locked up not just unloaded.  And lock it up so that only you can crack open the safe.

This is of course assuming that your wife does not need to meet up with the girls to go on a wild goose chase and the kids do not need the coolest thing for show and tell.  If you are from the hills of West Virginia then I can see why you wouldn’t want a gun safe but for everyone else, get one.

What To Lock It With

A gun safe should not be an investment you take lightly either.  The purpose of the safe is to save lives while the gun inside is for turning the lives of wild animals into sizeable mantle pieces.

Here is a list of the different types of locks you can have on your gun safe to lock up your gat for good.

  1. Key lock-Traditional and opens with a key.  Do not lose your keys at any point in time or else the point of having a gun kind of goes out the window doesn’t it?
  2. Traditional mechanical combinational dial-Feel like you are completing a bank heist every time you open your lock.  Whipping your gat out of its safe after just completing the correct combination can be a good kickoff to a great hunting trip with the boys.
  3. Electronic keypad-More technology based.  Having something different from everyone else is always a good ice breaker.   But you enter the combination like you enter your PIN a the Seven Eleven when you buy a two liter of Coke.  Don’t you want something a little more exciting
  4. Biometric lock-James Bond has a biometric lock on everything.  So does Batman and any other fictional hero worth mentioning.  A biometric lock scans your fingerprint before you can even begin to enter any type of code.  You will feel like you are about to break into a foreign embassy and do some serious damage with this one.

Choosing a lock for your gun safe is not just about an economical or safety reason although you could say that is a sizeable part of it.  Choosing a lock is also about expressing your personality.  Are you the James Bond type or the John Wayne type?  Classic or cutting edge?

Lock Down

Securing your gun is a serious game that should not be taken lightly.  Every precaution you take to lock it up is a needed one.  Buying a gun safe from a trusted gun dealer is another point that should stick in your mind as well.  Do not buy your safe from the guy selling them on the street corner for $15.  Put a considerable amount of money into securing your guns.  Thieves will be baffled to find a safe they cannot open to save their own lives.  It is their fault for breaking into your home now.

By Brian Connor


Brian Connor enjoys writing for the gun industry and anything relating to guns.  He has been an avid gun enthusiast since he was first introduced to guns by his father.  Having a fingerprint gun safe will be the safe to have in the future.

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