Reasons To Invest In Email Marketing In 2018


If you’re running a business, using a brand new technology for reaching goals such as a significant number of audience, immediate increase of sales and return on investments, generating leads isn’t enough. But taking advantage of it is the best way to improve the business production.

Reasons To Invest In Email Marketing In 2018

According to reports, email marketing plays a significant role in increasing ROI for certain businesses across the U.S. market.  In this article, let me show you other reasons why you should invest and love the email marketing in 2018 and beyond.

“What could be the biggest change in email marketing five years from now?”

For the upcoming years, the trends in email marketing would be Content, AI, Automation, Data, and Personalisation.

“What is the future of email inboxes?”

As the technology is rising and continuously innovating, emailing is becoming better and faster. There’s no denying that our email inbox will become more interactive, have more user control, visually appealing, and paid as well.

  • The future of email inbox will offer a preview of the important links and attachments without a need to download them. Also, the inbox management will improve by reorganizing mails according to priority and become accessible using gestures.
  • 3D Interactive. 3D technology is now available in different smartphone’s environment, and the possibilities of new ways to interact with our email inbox are on their way. Picking up, tossing, and grouping emails through 3D space will make you feel you have superpowers.
  • More User Control. Our email inbox will give the user more control over interaction, programmability, and personalization. It will let you prioritize the important contacts and adopt a personal hashtag rule that will permit the priority contacts to ‘Top post’ in your inbox. The email hashtag lets you create your own personal hashtag that will be used by other contacts or colleagues in case of urgency. The future inbox will also provide focus mode which removes any distractions and focusing only on the recent emails or emails from a certain person.
  • To improve the quality of emails, sent emails will go through a ‘pay filter’ protocol to your inbox which reduces the number of incoming junk emails and trigger spam filter as well.

“What are the predictions for future of Email Marketing?”

  • The old marketing funnel is now dead.

The traditional marketing funnel focuses on converting leads into a target customer and maximizing their loyalty. In the new marketing funnel, however, the leads can now enter at any stages and travel through random orders. The new marketing tactics are always changing and email marketing is still at the top of every stage of this new marketing funnel. The only challenge for email marketers is effectively adapting to customers demand by delivering personalized and relevant emails.

  • Turbocharged Email targeting. The use of automated emails will increase in 2018. More email marketers will use this marketing tactic for creating better email experiences. Previewing emails will maximize their efficiency and impact to customers.
  • Better Personalization. The challenge for every email marketers in 2018 is to deliver personalized and specific types of recommendations for the customers. These tactics are used by Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist and Recommendation pages on Netflix’s.
  • The rise of Multi-channel experience. As the new marketing funnel continues to rise, acquiring customers’ loyalty is important. In 2018, marketers can now tackle the complete customer lifecycle with the used modern tools and technology that lets the customers demand more from the brands they love.
  • The rise of new email marketing automation type. In 2018, expect high-value platforms and better price satisfaction when it comes to new features of email marketing and CRM as well.
  • Campaign-oriented marketing. AI and machine learning technology are now integrated to predict the customer’s lifetime value or the Predictive CLV. The data-driven tactic can contribute to the businesses’ increased revenue and relevant insights.

“What are the latest trends in email marketing and automation?”

Different marketing strategies such as loyalty programs, personalization, and re-engagement email programs play a significant role in effective email marketing.

  • Personal Data rules. In May 2018, the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation will roll out. The regulation can play a big change that will affect the email marketing strategies and if not terminal for other 3rd party emails, it might be disruptive.
  • Interactive emails. Email interactivity will continue to rise in 2018 and beyond. Mailable microsites allow users to interact with an email interface within the inbox. In this way, the business gives the customers an interesting, unique, interactive, and engaging approach to the email content.
  • Personal interaction with the audience. One way to achieve a genuine interaction between you and your customers is focusing on the tone of the conversation. It’s a great way to ask questions and insights in order for you to give them the answer they need and educate them about your content as well.
  • Mobile responsiveness. 73% of email marketers optimize emails for mobile devices, so it is important to make your emails mobile-friendly.
  • Deliverability of emails. It is the most important thing that every email marketers should practice. Make sure that the emails are opened with correct design and delivered to correct folders. In 2018, the emerging brand indicators for message identification can have a significant effect on email marketing.


The innovation and advancement in email marketing automation played a big role in the technical development in the previous years. We are nowhere near to seeing the end of technical possibilities and creativity.

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