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Apple laptops form a part of the software and hardware innovations of Apple Inc. It is one of the truly pioneering companies in the world and one of a kind when it comes to research and development of innovative technology. Their range of laptops is some of the best of the latest technology that is on offer in the world. These are built with their unique Mac OS X operating system; the laptop range is known as Macintosh brand of computers. Its devices are compatible with a large collection of applications and tools available at their official online store; these are a combination or those developed within the company and others which are produced by third party developers. Presently Apple offers more than 300,000 applications through their online store.

There are several ranges in which Apple laptops have been released; there was the first range of Macbook that was released in 2006; this was followed by MacBook Pro introduced in the same year replacing the earlier PowerBook. In the year 2008 there was released the MacBook Air. This is in fact one of their highlight products. Fitted with some of the fastest processors this is an ultra thin product meant for new age professionals and users. It is extremely lightweight and sleek. The latest version has a high powered battery life that allows greater freedom of working in absence of a direct power supply. The latest model released by the company has Intel dual core processors (i5 and i7 versions). There is a backlit keyboard with inbuilt Bluetooth. It is also powered with enhanced flash storage and memory space options. In this range there are two models of 11.6 and 13.3 inch screen sizes available.

Among other Apple laptops there is MacBook Pro; in this there are options of 13 inches, 15 inches and 17 inches. The 15 and the 17 inch devices are equipped with the Intel Core i7 processors while the 13 inch device has Intel dual core i5 processor. It makes these some of the fastest and versatile in their performance.  There are 15 inch CD screens and 17 inch wide screen versions available in this range. You can enjoy 60 watt hours to 68 watt hours performance of the battery life in the 15 inch and 17 inch laptops respectively.

There are other innovative portable computers available from the company in the designs of Mac Mini which is an unusually small sized powerhouse of performance for a desktop computer; also you can avail the latest ranges of the ipads 1 and 2. These ultra thin ranges of tablet PCs are incredible in their versatile performance and a range of applications compatibility. It allows you an easy and convenient storage or carriage while giving you high class performance. You can download and install applications or access the web at a high speed of connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access to aid as well.

There are games and entertainment options to even reading thousands of books which can all be stored safely in the enhanced storage spaces.

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