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Hard-core vapers know that it is vital to have all the right accessories for your electronic cigarette. Drip tips are such one crucial accessory as they are another to fully customise the look and feel of your vape. Drip tips are essentially the mouth pieces of the electronic cigarette, so are at the very top of the device. Although they are not essential, many vapers choose to use them as they make it easier for people to fill up the cartomiser with e-liquid. Drip tips are also seen as the ultimate accessory in the e-cig world as they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. Below are some of the most popular types of drip tips that are currently available on the market:

Knucklehead Drip Tips

Knucklehead drip tips are some of the newest accessories available and have one very different feature that has not been seen before in standard drip tips – it has a swivelling mouth piece. Of course, the whole thing is really a mouth piece but this drip tip is essentially two different parts – the part that fixes on to the device and the part that goes in the mouth. The part that goes in to the mouth is able to swivel and sit at angles to make the action of vaping much easier.

Whistle Drip Tips

These are exactly what they sound like – whistle-shaped drip tips! These are used for more practical reasons and are aimed at providing more comfort to vapers who use their electronic cigarettes for long periods. This is because, due to the whistle shape, the drip tip fits comfortably in between the lips. It also gives the device a sleeker look due to it’s longer appearance.

Vase Drip Tips

As the name suggests, these drip tips look like vases and are curved in a way also similar to hourglasses. These are very smooth and they are not only aesthetically pleasing due to the sheer number of colours and patterns they are available in but allow the e-cig to find a comfortable position on the lips due to its smooth, ergonomic design.

King Kong Drip Tip

This Drip tip is the daddy of all drip tips! It is elegant and smooth and made from stainless steel. It has a long body for excellent draw and due to its vase-like shape it also sits comfortably on the lips. Not only does it feel good but it looks good making it a winner!

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They’re Fun, Fast And Pretty

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