ML 2525W from Samsung Economy Printer for Office and Home


ML 2525W from Samsung Economy printer for office and home

Yet another multifaceted printer which performs with high speed, gives high quality and is also cheaper and well within your budget is ML 2525W from Samsung, priced for $149. This model supports wireless connection and Ethernet apart from USB port at this price is truly amazing. The only drawback with this printer is you cannot expect high turnover with its low duty cycle.

This compact designed model will fit into your home cum office place and will be able to meet the requirements with efficiency. The colour of the device is black and it poses a glossy look on its surface for resistance to finger prints. There is a back door for clearing jammed up paper, and toner cartridges can be accessed by front door.

The paper tray is somewhat not flexible when it is fully packed with papers of 250 sheets. That should suffice the needs of a small office. Different sizes of paper can be housed in the paper tray with the help of sliders for making adjustments. The ML 2525W does not support duplexer unit in its system.

This economy model does not have LCD screen or any functional buttons in the panel. The set up process was simple and clear and initially you should connect the printer to the computer using USB port for installing the software drive into the computer. Two different lights specify the user about the internet connectivity.

It is possible to use various options like changing the settings and type of the paper using driver software. The driver is designed for performing multi-tasks including giving alert about hardware, giving advice in case of troubleshooting and much more.

The speed of ML 2525W is amazing and it performed at its best in Best option mode and its speed was well above average while testing at different modes and different documents. Likewise, the device was tested with mixed document of graphical and textual in two different modes and the result was more or less equal in two modes.

Regarding the quality of print, the printer excelled in quality when tested for Best mode and Normal mode. The image was sharper, clearer even in printing photos. If you are in look out of taking proof photo then this model is ideal in printing good quality proof photo.

You will be spending more for purchasing the cartridge if you are using low yield cartridge. But high yield toner can save your money and make a difference. Hence, ML 2525W from Samsung would be the better choice if you do not have need to print huge volumes daily. However, this model at the time of purchase contains only low capacity toner cartridge so you have to spend some more dollars soon it gets exhausted after printing 1,000 pages. And it is reasonable to expect that low capacity cartridge may even be finished within a month of purchase.

This economy model with high speed, good quality comes within your budget and is capable of performing various functions efficiently and is the right choice for your office or home business, provided you will not print huge volumes of printouts daily.

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