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Why A Social Media Strategy Is Essential For Your Business


Social media is here to stay and that means it is time for businesses everywhere to start making the most of it. While some employers may look on it simply as simply a time-sapping portal for their staff to while away the hours sharing pictures and chatting with friends, it is also a potentially lucrative way to engage new audiences and attract new customers. Millions of people are using social networks all day, every day, and with such vast numbers it is crucial that you make the most of this platform to get your business out there.

Be where your customers are
If you compare social networking with traditional media marketing, then it makes perfect sense that you should dedicate some of your resources to tapping into this online world. Direct marketing has seen people standing on busy shopping streets in city centres handing out flyers for decades, simply because that is where they will get their messages in front of lots of people quickly. These days, social media provides an even more direct route to millions of people, without so much as printing out a single leaflet. If your customers are spending hours hanging out on Facebook or admiring pictures on Pinterest, then this is precisely where you want to be.

Stay up to speed with the modern world
We live in an online world and the likes of Facebook and Twitter have quickly woven themselves into the fabric of modern society. So if you want your business to appear modern and in tune with modern shoppers then you need to have a presence on the networks that play such a big part in so many people’s lives these days. Rigidly sticking to traditional marketing avenues could end up making your business look out-dated.

Modern tools at your fingertips
Many social networks these days essentially offer the chance for you to build a fantastic homepage for your business at very little cost. While companies spend thousands having bespoke websites built for them, the relative cost of a Facebook page is tiny and can bring in just as good results. Plus, with a host of apps and add-ons you can deploy all sorts of seemingly complex techniques in a cost-effective way, for example sending out discount vouchers to fans, conducting customer surveys and even completing transactions and selling products without your customers even having to leave Facebook.

Get your name out there
The web is a vast place and getting your message heard or your company seen can seem a daunting task. But good SEO practice for your own website as well as an active and engaging social media strategy are great ways to help your business rise above the white noise. Getting the name of your business to appear on Facebook timelines will certainly help build your brand awareness while building profiles on certain social networking sites will help you climb the search engine rankings too.

Engage with your audiences
The key thing about social media is that it is a way to be social with your customers. It is a place where you can interact with them, find out what they like and what they don’t like and adjust your services or products accordingly. Talking to your customers is easier than ever and making the most of their knowledge should not be underestimated.

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