2012 Mobile Trends Infographic


Last year was a phenomenal 12 months for the mobile industry; the incredible rise of mobile applications, video streaming integration, the proliferation of mobile browsing and the growth of mobile payments and advertising revenue. The number of people in the US and the UK owning a smartphone has increased dramatically, meaning there’s more interest and potential profit than ever before when it comes to the mobile market.

So what does 2012 hold for the mobile industry? What can we expect in the coming months in one of the quickest growing markets in the world? Mobile TV specialists Gorillabox have produced the following infographic aimed at answering those questions, delivering some phenomenal statistics on potential mobile trends for the coming year:


I was particularly fascinated to learn that mobile video streaming increased an incredible 93% over the first half of 2011; suggesting a particularly lucrative market for 2012.

Another extremely interesting area is the utilisation of the cloud via mobile devices, which could offer some marked improvements when it comes to mobile processing and (as a direct result) mobile development.

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