Becoming a Mac App Developer


Becoming a Mac App Developer

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Apple is now accepting entries for the new Mac App store. This may not be a big issue to many but for those Mac users it is very important. Apple has adopted Steam powered games ideology on its Mac usage.  For those who had not yet purchased the iPhone developer then this comes along as a big chance that will not necessitate on to payout a sum of $ 500 up to $ 3000 for a simple license which was the norm in the past.

The benefits of developing for Mac

Becoming a Mac App Developer

Developing for Mac could be a personal decision that can be influenced by certain factors such as making money, the love for Mac, or basically a noble good idea.  As a Mac developer one is entitled to quite a number of benefits that are stipulated as follows;

  • Retain 70% of the sales value
  • No hidden cost apart from the subscription fee
  • The Mac App store will open its doors in 2011 thus offering enough time for one to perfect their app.

It is important to note that a professional iOS person can make an hourly rate of $ 100 to $ 150 creating apps for other people. This is quite attractive to many. The production costs of the Mac App may range closely to that of the iOS though these are just projections and not necessarily actuals. The app sore is new and it gives one the opportunity to make their app available in the market.

Essential tools required

1.       Ensure you have a Mac Computer that is endowed with the most recent version of OSX

2.      One must register a free account

3.      Make sure you have the developer kit referred to us the Xcode.

4.      An annual subscription fee of $ 99

5.      The guide and tips available in the Apps store

Commence Writing

Once you have adhered to the steps above then you can go ahead and write. In case you do not know exactly where to start then you can visit Apples collection of guides.

For those who have done development for the iOS platform and the Mac as well your comments are very welcome.

That is all there is to it, really.  If you need some tips with writing for the platform Apple already has in place a huge archive of guides that are available to anyone.

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