2 Netbooks to Covet & 2 to Avoid


Nobody wants to carry around a ten pound laptop (trust me- been there, done that), but what can you do when your smart phone isn’t quite as savvy as you thought? You need more memory, more battery life, more versatility—more everything; and netbooks are pretty easy to upgrade.

You need to work/live in excel… something that doesn’t need a huge laptop but something you can’t do on your smart phone, either.

You still need it to be portable and sleek, not some clunky dinosaur you can barely fit in a travel bag.

A netbook is the answer to your problems. Powerful, stylish, and no more than five pounds, it’s a great solution when you need a sturdy workhouse that you can take anywhere. Unfortunately, not all netbooks are created equal.

Netbooks You’ll Want To Buy

Dell Inspiron Mini 1018

DellInspironMini1018This little powerhouse weighs in at a mere three pounds—perfect for travel. And if you’re thinking you’ll have to give up quality for such a small netbook, think again. The Inspiron Mini 1018 boasts a generous 250gb hard-drive, a large, accessible keyboard, a bright and tidy screen and a battery life of over seven hours. Pound for pound and penny for penny, this is one the best values on the market.

Dell Inspiron Mini 1012

Inspiron Mini 1012 Notebook FamilyNot impressed with the 1018? Alright, how about this: Built-in GPS, vibrant 10 inch widescreen, high-definition display, and over nine hours of battery life. You’ll never have to watch the boring in-flight movie again! Perfect for when you need a lot of entertainment in a small package, the Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 is a great alternative to the 1018 if you have a little more to spend on a system that doesn’t skimp on the details.

Netbooks You’ll Want to Trash

VIA NanoBook

Via-NanoBookThis thing is absolutely atrocious. It’s as if the developers decided to throw out every advancement in design over the past 30 years of personal computing. The NanoBook is heavy, with limited memory capacity and battery-life, and the keyboard is so small you’ll have to buy a pair of reading glasses just to find what you want. The worst feature of this clunky disaster? Screen-size is compromised by a port to plug in a phone or GPS device, rather than including those features in the machine itself.

HP 2133 Mini-Note PC

HP-2133-Mini-Note-PCThere’s a reason you can pick these up for about $50 from a refurbishment company. They may be on the right track with a larger screen and keyboard than the NanoBook, but the good points stop there. This netbook is painfully slow, and has barely enough storage for one movie and some MP3s, let alone being able to run them properly. Equipped with the much-loathed Vista platform when most netbooks were turning to Windows 7, the Mini-Note also boasts the ability to blind your friends and co-workers (not to mention you) with a glossy, mirror-like screen.

If you’re looking for stylish, powerful netbooks, check out the ones above (and avoid the ones I told you to!). I’m sure you’ll be able to find one, in the perfect color, that’s right for you.

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  1. This is a cool post. I’ve always wondered what distinguished one netbook from another because they all seem the same to me. I mean they pretty much look the same and have some of the same selling points…so I thought. But the first 2 netbooks, the Dell notebooks, sound amazing! It makes me want to buy one. They are small, compact, cute, and powerful! They sound like they would be worth every cent.

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