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Let’s cut through the bull. If you are in business, it’s about one thing: getting that prime spot on the first page on Google for the words you choose. The first impulse among many would be to take on the arduous job of creating backlink after backlink, then go pay an SEO guru to do your off and on-page SEO. The results? Well it might turn out good, it might not. It all depends, but you’re still going to pay. The whole thing has a casino feel to it.

SEOSamba software was created with the specific mission of helping the average e-commerce site owners who are needing to achieve the search engine rankings you need to compete and win online. SEOSamba has you covered by automatically getting you search engine results you need without having to figure out the hidden little impossible-to-keep-up-with information and strategies that seem to emerge almost daily with SEO. SEOSamba makes you the master of this vitally important world with minimal expenditure. Samba of course can take all your sites which makes it the most powerful cms for multiple websites and portfolios.

Tell About the Unique Benefits of SEOSamba software.

All your content on your sites are auto-pinged to Yahoo and Google news giving you instant recognition and faster indexing.

This is likely one of the most effective methods to attract SEO traffic to your site. Essentially you are making buzz and this makes things happen on the internet. Forget the manual, time consuming, and often fruitless manual submission and SEO pyramid game, and utitilize the automatic power to ping and index your article. SEOSamba has all this handled for you.

Rather than trying to figure out RSS and do all the submission to the directories, leave it to SEOSamba.

Why try to do things that don’t make you any money? Instead put the power of the SEOSamba in your corner. You save time which we all know is actually money in this business. SEOSamba handles not only the seo website design aspects of your SEO strategy, but the essential auto directory updates so you are leading the pack on your off-page SEO.

SEOSamba sends those Email Newsletters and Contact Updates to Your Lists Whenever Necessary.

The building and growing of your list can be the lifeblood of your online strategy. SEO Samba automates your email marketing tasks, so you can keep your focus on the content of your message rather than the tech stuff that doesn’t actually make you any money.

Easily Change Out Theme and Design of your landing pages so you can quickly figure out what the best fit is.

When it comes to getting those leads to opt in and become part of your list, the landing page is a huge deal. The reality is this is all a process of testing again and again to find a winner. Well you don’t need the tiresome stressful tech issues every time you want to test a new design or theme. SEOSamba says those days are over and gives you the easy platform to freely interchange your landing pages to pick the best one.

SEOSamba Gets Your Sites and Google Webmaster Tools Operating in Seamless Tandem

Taking the Google Webmaster Tools and Integrating them into your SEO so that the fantastic power of what only Google can provide is put to work for you automatically.

Hassle Free Integration with Google Analytics

Numbers tell the story online and it’s one of the things that makes web marketing one of the best businesses going today. Master the numbers, master your profits. Knowing how your site is really doing is vital for strategizing which horse to ride harder for more revenues or which one needs more care. SEOSamba website marketing software has your Google Analytics numbers all taken care of without all the fuss.

Take On Page Search Engine Optimization and Have it Completed Automatically with SEOSamba

SEOSamba handles all the critical on page factors which go a long long ways towards the rankings achieved by your sites. Things like proper image labels, internal linking, content formatting, and meta tag creation are all part of the SEOSamba package.

Your Press Releases Distributed Automatically

With SEO Samba your press releases will be decimated across the web to over 210,000 journalists and 265,000-plus bloggers. Also you will be automatically be updated in the results for Google News, Yahoo News, as well as Bing News. SEOSamba is one of a kind in creating this level of relevant news exposure.

You still have your manual options to easily update pertinent SEO factors too

SEOSamba allows you to manually edit SEO factors like choosing tags, and drafting meta content. You always have full control with the SEOSamba software, including the ability to override the automatic settings simply and without hassles or concerns.

SEOSamba SEO software technology coming soon

Patent is pending approval on cutting edge functions which will be able to actually keep track of your SEO patterns and even understand you in actual not computer language. The SEO software tecnology can study your SEO work previously and adapt to the newest keywords you have added or automatically change your targeting ratios.

Of course you get the usability advantage of open source CMS. Your ability to edit the software is absolute.

SEOTOASTER Is A Free Open Source CMS That Is Taking the Internet by Storm

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