SEOTOASTER Is A Free Open Source CMS That Is Taking the Internet by Storm


SEO TOASTER is without question an emerging force in the content management system’s market. Versatility in your CMS is a much desired attribute, and customers are noting that SEOTOASTER is ultra strong in that area. We believe that currently SEOTOASTER is without peer in versatile and functional content management systems, and here are some reasons why.

SEOTOASTER has no cost and is also Open Source significantly reducing your overall aggravation.

You simply can’t beat a CMS product which is totally free and open to all. It’s a laudable trait that puts open source CMS SEOTOASTER on the tongues of basically anyone looking for a content management system access and understand the many features of SEOTOASTER and the steps to implementing them.

Each step in the installation process as well as any subsequent problems or issues that might manifest for the user are all well considered and explained on the SEOTOASTER website. Customers have noted the ease in understanding the explanations. This is no different no matter what your level of experience in an internet business. The newest of the new among users have given exemplary marks to the SEOTOASTER website and it’s explanation tutorials.

Full Auto-Pilot SEO To Cover All The Bases for Maximum Search Engine Impact

Search Engine Optimization is many layered and an often confusing topic. To fully learn all of it’s nuances is beyond the capability of an already time-strapped online business operator. SEOTOASTER CMS has an automatic seo operation function which quickly and easily handles the SEO growth necessities for all your sites. Optimization for your local markets, link siloing using Java-script, robots.txt file, 301 redirects, deeplinking, alt tags for pictures, automated insertion to avoid having similar content double indexed, query aid to Google for content writers, site map creation in HTML, comment moderation for articles, and on and on. It’s all handled without hassle or worry when you use SEOTOASTER CMS

Easily Build and Streamline the Process of Taking Your Newest Website from Concept to Live

With SEOTOASTER CMS you can create websites in a snap using ready to use themes and plug-ins available to website developers. You have more than 40 different unique themes at your disposal. For a designer who values time and efficiency the array of short cuts and widgets will leave you saying “wow.

Already built-in SEO Themes at no cost

SEOTOASTER has free themes that users rave about. You name your “gotta have it” widgets and gadgets and you’ll find them ready to use and easy to install so you can go from idea to profit without needless delay.

Ramp up Your Conversions with the Single Page Checkout Feature

The SEOTOASTER open source PHP Shopping Cart feature allows the customer to get a quote without the uncomfortable and often deal-breaking requirement that they give out their credit card information. With PHP Shopping Cart, the merchants will receive the quote and get easy access to engage the customer right from the site. This is all fully available with the SEOTOASTER CMS.

Auto Formatted Product Listing Creation in Favored Emerging Micro Format

It is apparent that the newest websites hitting the web now utilize the micro format, and you get the same with SEOTOASTER. In this format, the products that are for sale are automatically indexed according ot the search engine by making use of the SEOTOASTER product.xml feed. What makes this tool special? Well it is already product formatted and easily recognized and indexed by the bots that put the products together and on the virtual shelf. This is a huge boost to you when you have the SEOTOASTER and it’s open source shopping cart.

One thing is becoming clearer and clearer with each satisfied user: SEOTOASTER has come to the fore as the simplest, most user-friendly SEO CMA and Ecommerce site creator you’ll see anywhere. I’d say you have no excuses not to try it. It’s free and it takes minutes to check out the site and gain the industry leading edges in all areas of SEOTOASTER. You won’t fear SEO ever again. Instead you’ll effortlessly master it today and for the future.

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