Top 10 Free Finance Management Apps


Managing your finances has never been an easy task. Contrary to what everyone thinks, people in the higher society are not the only ones who should keep track of what’s on the market. Even the ordinary people should be aware of what’s happening in the market today despite of their busy schedules. With the aid of modern technology, keeping yourselves updated with the latest news on finance has never been easier through the use of your Smartphone.

The demand of modern technology today through the use of the different applications on the Smartphone gave people the easiest way to manage personal finances that will soon help them reach the top of everything. With various list of different financial applications, it would be hard to find the reliable one. Fortunately with the recent research, shows the list of 10 most reliable apps out in Android market that will definitely help you with your finances while you are on the go.

  1. Expense Manager of Bishinews– This application is known to be the best expense manager in the market that makes it in the Top App list! This application is so easy to use that it does not require you unnecessary graphics, no excess processing or battery use.
  2. PayPal by PayPal Mobile– This application enables you to send or request money without the hassle of going to banks. Sending and requesting money through PayPal is very easy; all you need is just an email address of phone number. This application is free to download. Paypal is trusted by millions of traders of forex and top binary options brokers worldwide.
  3. Currency Converter by Pocketools.Com– This application is a fast and instant currency converter for your phone. It easily converts between your favourite currencies. It also helps in setting up portfolios of currencies for easy tracking.
  4. Easymoney – Expense Manager By Handy Apps Inc. – This application is surely the best expense budget and tracking planner application for Android. This finance app allows you to track your expenses and stay within your budget. It also uses the simple yet powerful interface specifically designed for Android Smartphone.
  5. Black Markets by Black Markets Group– This one is created and developed by Black Markets Group to help people monitor on what’s happening on the black market.
  6. Bloomberg LP’s Bloomberg For Smartphone – This application will keep you updated regarding business news, portfolio tracking tools, and market data from the most credible finance professionals around the world. It will also get you news coverage as well as readable graphs and charts.
  7. Exchange Rates by Russell Wilson– this mobile application was developed by Russell Wilson. This app is a free travel currency converter and exchange rate tool.
  8. Financial Calculators by Bishinews– This application allows you to edit and prioritize the list of calculators for much easier access. This application is also compatible to both phone and tablet.
  9. Pocket Budget by Mapeapps– This application is the best way to manage all your personal finances, whether it’s tracking expenses and incomes. This app is as easy as few clicks and you will know where your money goes.
  10. Office Calculator Free by Taobits.Net– This application is a virtual tape calculator.

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