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Imagine the internet as a huge Web (no pun intended) made by thousands of spiders, with all the threads connected to each other. And in order to adapt and survive in this huge web, you got to make yourself heard and help others make themselves heard, so your “threads” connect with others “threads” (For the ones that are not good with metaphors, you got to back-link others that back-linked you.) to finish the bigger thread. (Have anyone connected to each other, again, for the ones that are not good with metaphors :D)

In order to attract the attention that you deserve (and you always deserve the best 🙂 ) you have to make sure these are done:

1 – Write Original Content With Quality

Whenever i wrote content, i always put effort to do my best so my content doesn’t swim in the ocean of content flagged “spam” or “unoriginal” by the thousands of search engines. Make sure that your content has an use for someone (Check out my latest articles, “How to make an RSS aggreggator with PHP and Ajax”, How to succeed in the unmerciful business of web development freelancing”, notice the pattern?) and has quality information, with correct spelling, and a layout that won’t make the user get frustrated.

Break out your text into many paragraphs, use a nice font, bold out important the parts that you think the user wants to know, for example:

“In order to fix your issue Do X and Y and Z”

Give the user what he wants immediately, and he or she will make sure to come back whenever he / she wants to get more of what is needed to fix their issue, get their dose of advice or just get informed out of pure curiosity (I find myself reading on different blogs and Wikipedia for hours, and always make sure to come back, without even wanting, just because i got my dose of information).

2 – Build together

Go make some blogger friends! There will always be a blogger who needs few articles done for them, and in exchange, they will link to your other articles! Here, the obvious reason is, to get noticed and lead some of his readers to your blog or website. You are selling another product? Help other sell theirs and in exchange they will get yours sold. Remember, the most successful blogs out there are the ones that put in work for their fellow bloggers and built a comradeship with them. It might feel nice to just sit at home and be anti-social, but if you keep in touch with others, you will never be left behind.

3 – Keywords man, keywords.

The rule put by the fellas at Google clearly says out: “In order for our crawlers to know what your blog or website is about, you must put up to 3 keywords with everything that you are about (notice up to 3, if it’s more than 3, it will lower you rating), and your website will be indexed with a formula that takes into account your popularity, correct, non-spamming keyword usage, and originality)”. Let me give you a few examples:

At the start of your article:

“So you are looking for a black shoe that is durable? well”

Then in the middle:

“Our black shoes are made of genetically structured alien leather”

And at the end:

“Hit us up on our contact page to get more information on our black shoes.”

See the pattern here? The web search engine crawlers will come to your website, see that these keywords are repeated, and wow, magic! They will know that your website is about black shoes! How clever! And whenever an user looks for black shoes on these search engines, they will get your website link in the first pages.

And for originality, always make sure that your content passes plagiarism checker, one nice tool is at Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker that does not easily forgive plagiarism.

Now, go and make it happen! 🙂

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