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Want A Popularity Boost This Week? Read This Article!


There are millions of techniques to get some popularity on your website (either via Black hat or straight up clean methods of SEO and Marketing). Albeit we won’t deal with Black Hat Search Engine Optimization techniques in this article, we will introduce you to some clever tactics to get your PR# Up and teach you how to get ahead of your competitors just by using these clever tactics that we mention.

Every website needs it’s share of popularity, and if you are convinced that your site is worth it, then by all means you should put in the work (or pay to have that work put in for you) so you can watch your website succeed.


Another thing is that every webmaster / enterpreneur should know some SEO to get ahead. Read on to discover how to give your website a bottle of nitro to speed up this week.

1 – Build the GOOD kind of Backlinks

I have seen the following happen so many times it is becoming VERY VERY depressive, that is, people build backlinks on websites that don’t even matter to search engines, or build backlinks in shady, virused, or otherwise unsafe websites.

The consequence of building a backlink in a non-popular website is a waste of time. The consequence for building backlinks to a website that is considered rogue, virus containing, scam page, or simply undesirable to be affiliated with by something like McAffee Internet Security Advisor, will either get your domain banned on Google or get you a bad reputation.

So the desirable thing here is to get a backlink from a reliable website like Wikipedia, Ezine Articles, This Website, or StackOverflow, for example by providing a tutorial on how to fix a code issue, will get you much more hits and reputation than back-linking to some shady website.


Problem: I am a new Beach Resort in Panama. I want to get my voice heard online and i want to get me clients.

Solution: I should go to TripAdvisor and submit my beach resort there with the link to my website. TripAdvisor being a good PR# website, getting a backlink there will get me clicks from their users, as well as a good reputation from Google.

The quest for searching good reputationed websites to backlink from are never enough. Oh, and did i mention that your website’s monetary worth raises with the amount of good backlinks?

2 – Lots of Content In Short Time

If your website has not received a good PR or an amount of visitors yet, one good trick is to add a lot of content with the right keywords. Say you have a website about ducks, and you write 50 articles in 3 days with the keywords “New York Duck House” and “New York Ducks for Sale”. By having content oriented to your niche (which respects the rules of congruency) you will get a higher hit count in a shorter time because the search engines know for sure you are about selling ducks in New York and will provide you the hits whenever someone searches for Ducks in New York.

The upper level is writing 100 articles in a single week rich in keywords (albeit related to what your website’s purpose is).

There’s something i should warn you about though: duplicate or stolen content will do the opposite of raising your #PR. It will actually sink your website down even further and may get you a lawsuit for breaking copyright laws or get your domain / list of domains blocked from search engines forever.

Aim for original content with keyword richness ( 2-3 keywords per article are enough )

3 – Sitemap Submission and Robots.txt

Generating a sitemap and a good robots.txt file is very easy (if your host has CPanel, you can use their attracta tool to generate both the Sitemap and Robots.txt for free and without hassles). It is a good time and effort invested as it will allow search engines to enlist your main webpage and the other webpages much faster. A site who doesn’t have these files will get a less PR# for lack of effort (Search engines reward you for the least effort you give to them, keep this in your mind always).

4 –  Leave it to an Expert

It sure might be an attractive idea to get the website up yourself or give it to some freelancer (not badmouthing freelancers here, just stating everyone below top 30% basically sucks in SEO), but paying a good amount of money for a good amount of leads is always the best case. Sure, some black hat tactics or some cheap SEO might get you the wanted 80/90 visitors for the first days, but most of these users will leave disinterested because they didn’t find the content or the specifics they want (such as location). A good team of SEO experts will promote your stuff with a good amount of content to get your reputation up, do some social media marketing around your area to people that are close to your business, and will actually put efforts to get you some sales (as doing that will increase their own reputation and get a good feedback out of you, increasing your sales further.)

5 – Orient Towards what you do, and don’t be Too Generic

The last advice in this article will be the following: “Orient towards what you do, and don’t be too generic”, because having content focused on what your business does will get you what you exactly want, and that is, clients interested in the product or service you sell, as close to you. That is a sure way to get some good leads as someone will prefer to buy his products somewhere close to him.

Overall, by following this advice, you should have your website escalate to a good level in the rankings for the keywords in your search engine in shorter time than a week or so.  You will realize the importance of SEO when you will see the amount of competitors you have for your keyword.

Keep reading, as we are coming with a huge amount of useful articles for you!

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