How to Protect Your Company's Data When Storing it in the Cloud


Many business owners are starting to move their data and information to virtual servers because it is reduces their IT expenses and improves employee productivity levels. Virtualization helps companies lower their server management costs because it costs a lot of money every year to keep their servers updated and maintained. They want easy access to their data, and one way to accomplish this is to put all their company information in a virtual setting. However, this method brings along its own share of security issues than if you would use a physical server. You cannot apply the basic principles of securing a physical server to a virtual setting – it just doesn’t work that way. If you attempt to, you’ll soon find out there are many types of risks and issues that leave your server wide open for security threats.

Securing a Virtual Server

To secure your virtual server, you’re taking your company to new heights which increases your revenues. It’s an exciting time because it means you are protecting your bottom line. However, you’ll need the right type of security to help protect all your files when you move them to a virtual server. You’ll need something with exceptional VM densities that allows your virtual server to be protected, while still achieving high performance and management levels. There are a lot of security programs that promise businesses everything but they end up not holding up to their word. Don’t put your business information at risk and instead invest in Deep Security by Trend Micro. This company is one of the leading internet security program developers in the world so you can be rest assured your files will stay safe in a virtual setting.

What Deep Security Offers

So you’re now wondering what does this comprehensive server security platform offer? It comes with:

  • Integrity Monitoring: This special feature helps identify and notify malicious activity like viruses or changes to the system that were not authorized. This is available in an agentless format.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention: This feature helps secure vulnerable areas within a server that could be easily exploited by a malicious threat.
  • Firewall: It lowers the chances of attacks on your server’s surface.
  • Log Inspection: Offers visibility into certain files or data that needs to be viewed.
  • Web Reputation: This feature helps prevent attacks from the web that might happen when an employee surfs the web.

There are many other benefits and you can learn about them on the company’s website.

Why Choose Deep Security?

Why spend thousands of dollars on a mediocre security platform when you can invest in Deep Security? This security advancement platform provides server security for not only virtual servers, but also physical and cloud servers as well! It secures resources and data entries from infringement and hackers. This server security platform helps ease security compliances, while still getting the job done. You will never have to worry about your company data being exploited again when you choose Trend Micro for all your internet security needs.

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