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Could you live without Google? If you needed to find something, what would you do if you couldn’t Google it? That’s a very scary thought. More than 80 percent of us rely on Google to connect us with information on the web. We are a society of Google-ers.

Google understands how important it is to us, and as a company it’s constantly striving to give us the best damn search engine out there. It’s been succeeding all along, but there’s always room for improvement. Google also offers us a wide variety of other great services, like Docs, Gmail, Voice, YouTube, and so much more. Google is more than a search engine. It’s a mega-corporation and a brand. Now we’ve been introduced to Google+.

Search Plus Your World
Many people view Google+ as another social network that’s extremely similar to Facebook. Google resents that and wishes you would see things a little differently. Google+ is intended to be much more than just a social network. One of the most important benefits it offers users is Search Plus Your World. With Search Plus Your World, Google intends to dramatically enhance the power of its search engine. It will strive to give you the most personal, relevant search results ever. It plans to do this by using Google+. In this way, Google+ really is so much more than a social network. It’s a tool to make Search even better.

Google recognizes that everyone is different. When you search for a term, you’re probably looking for something different than your friend when he searches for the same term. Search Plus Your World is Google’s attempt to bring you exactly what you’re looking for and go way beyond generic search results that might work for everyone. It will personalize your search experience. To do this, Google will learn more about you through Google+ and your activities on other Google services. The information you provide, the conversations you have, the links you share – everything you do will help Google learn more about you so it’s able to personalize your search results, and the more you use Google+ the better it will do so.

Google+ Results
In addition, Search Plus Your World will bring you relevant results straight from Google+. If you search for a person, Google will recommend that person’s Google+ profile if they have one, and the same goes for businesses. More than that, if you search for a particular subject, Search Plus Your World will bring you relevant results from the Google+ pages of your friends, such as post where someone in your Circles mentioned that specific subject before. It will also suggest people and pages you might like to Circle based on the things you’re searching for.

The good thing about Search Plus Your World is that if you don’t like it, you can toggle back to getting regular old search results at anytime via a button in the right-hand corner of your Google Search screen. It turns out that Google+ really is much more than just a social network. But if you decide to join and use it regularly, you’ll be harnessing even more of the power that is Google.

Google Guru Benjamin Sharp views the internet as a never-ending treasure hunt. To inscrease the odds of getting his articles published, he uses the #1 grammar checker on the web. To stay connected to his fellow successful entrepreneurs, he uses EONetwork.

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