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Apple’s iPhone is one of the best smartphones on the market today. Aside from offering excellent call, texting and data services, you can download plenty of great apps that fit your lifestyle. Individuals who have high cholesterol and are concerned about their health can take advantage of downloading some of the top apps related to cholesterol. Many of these are free, although it is well worth spending a low cost for a few you have to pay to use.

Cholesterol Treatment

Cholesterol Treatment is an app that is $1.99 at Apple’s App Store. It offers helpful information on cholesterol, including healthy and unhealthy statistics. You can get plenty of tips toward treatment to lower your cholesterol in utilizing all natural methods that are fast and efficient. These great tips can help you to cut down on taking medications on a daily basis and steering you toward a more healthy lifestyle in managing your cholesterol levels. You will get tips on exercise, weight loss, diet and what to do when your cholesterol becomes too high.

Cholesterol Animated Pocket Dictionary Series

Cholesterol Animated Pocket Dictionary Series (Focus Apps) is free to download to your iPhone. It is essentially a dictionary that is chock full of foods that are good for lowering cholesterol or maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Included in the app are medical terms and animated videos that offer tons of information. It is a helpful app for keeping informed about how to lower your cholesterol levels and to become healthier.

Cholesterol Coach

Cholesterol Coach, an app created by Pocket Pixels, is 99 cents on the iTunes App Store and is a great resource to have right at your fingertips on your iPhone. The app helps you to understand all the terms related to cholesterol and offers tips on how to lower your levels so that you can improve your health. Not only can you better understand your cholesterol blood test results, you can also learn how aspects such as smoking, diet and exercise can affect your cholesterol levels. You can create graphs to view your progress and set goals toward lowering your cholesterol. The app is straight forward and easy to use, offering graphs to help you to keep track of your progress.

BCMon — Blood Cholesterol Monitor

BCMon — Blood Cholesterol Monitor is a handy app for the iPhone that costs 99 cents. It is easy to use and is generally a great tool for keeping track of your blood cholesterol on a daily basis. It includes features that allow you to create graphs and reports, statistics and spreadsheets for your cholesterol. You can also record, edit and calculate very easily. While the app does not diagnose or serve as a treatment procedure, it is useful for monitoring your cholesterol levels.

It’ a guest blog post by E. Fortie. He’s a health coach and writes about the greek mediterranean diet plan at Mediterranean If you want him to show his discoveries on how to lower your ldl cholesterol naturally with you, follow him on Twitter or become a facebook fan.

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