Angry Birds on iPhone: A Review


ANGRY BIRDS on iPhone A Review

Picture yourself launching a number of very angry-looking birds at utterly adorable-looking green pigs. Yes, that’s right. Colored furious-looking birds hit acute-looking green pigs. Seems funny, doesn’t it? Well, in the gaming application Angry Birds, you won’t just see that funny scene; you’ll get to play a very fun game with it too.

Created way back in December 2009 by Clickgamer Technlogies Ltd., the game Angry Birds has slowly made its way to the top of the App Store chart.  Its updated version was made downloadable around June 2011 and now, the 15.6 MB 1.6.1 version of the game is made even better with new levels now totaling to 63, with more fun surprises in each level.

For those who haven’t played Angry Birds before, learning how to play the game won’t be hard at all since the controls basically only involve a slight tapping and sliding of the player’s finger on the screen in order to control the bird that’s to be launched towards the pig. The main goal is to destroy all the little piggies and topple over the castle. Although that instruction in itself seems fairly easy enough to follow, while playing the game, players are bound to realize that hitting the green pigs’ castles isn’t such a cinch after all. For one, the player has to tap the bird and slide it backwards to pull the slingshot and hurl the angry bird with just about the right amount of force, at just about the right angle, in order to make a perfect hit at the green pigs and topple over their castle. The player also cannot skip any levels, so he has to be able to destroy the castle in one level before moving on to the next level. This has often been found as one of the downsides of this application since if the player fails to complete a single level, he’d be stuck as a stalemate and may no longer be able to finish all the other levels.

But then again, while the various levels get harder and harder and require more and more tactic as the game progress, they are never impossible to complete. The birds the player gets to use all throughout the game also steadily become better equipped with more types of skills. While players start off by using plain red disgruntled-looking birds, as the game progresses, new types of birds become unlocked. Black birds explode, and white ones have exploding eggs. Blue birds have the ability of bursting into three separate smaller birds in a sort of cluster-bomb-fashion, and yellow ones obtain a speed boost when activated. All these types, once unlocked can be activated by tapping the bird in mid-flight. If the player chooses the right combination of birds to hurl at the pigs, toppling over the castle wouldn’t be that much of a challenge at all.

Points are given for each part of the castle destroyed, and 10,000 points are awarded for each unused bird. The points per level are tallied and correspondingly awarded 1-3 stars, depending on the total number of points the player got for that particular level. Although no leaderboards nor alternate modes are available, and the game’s basically as is, finishing all the levels in Angry Bird is fun and well-worth the time.

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