AT&T R225 – GoPhone Review


ZTE recently announced the AT&T R225, a prepaid phone, also known as the Gophone. As we browse the history of ZTE, they are in a habit of making these slim and tall structured phones with a unique flavor time in the low end category, the C category provides proof of the statement. The features that stand ZTE out is undoubtedly the best call reception quality and its economic tag price. The phone is currently available in the market for just under $15 without any contract binds. Though the volume has a lot better to do still, the phone makes a good run for light usage and for high-concentrated call users.

Style Aesthetics

R225 comes in black and bright silver connotations that give it a classier look and somewhat executive attire. The dimensions are best suited for easy hand carriage, soft to the ear and the hand. The light weighted R225, just 2.9 ounces is another pearl coupled with a soft packed material on the back cover which makes the phone not just a user friendly, but it is a user comfy phone.

R225 is pretty slim, and the screen just measures 1.8 inches which is disappointment for many as being undersized. The menu features a specialized grid for choices and navigation among the options, the soft key being the agent to such navigations. It has Talk and End buttons provided at the top, has a 4 directional pad and a center select button; the all conventional low end physical characteristic. The shared buttons for vibration and to select between modes are also very easy to switch, operate and lock the screen.

Connectivity, well there is nothing much, the phone has a micro USB charging port, no camera on the backside, just an external speaker. The main drawback however is the absence of volume rocker, which is present in almost every phone in the same category. The calls volume however, is adjustable.

Operational Features

R225 holds 1000 phone entries and has space for multiple phonebook entries, email addresses and URLs. Assignment of photos for caller ID and tones is one another common feature. It has no memory card support, so the best tweaks one can have is to download stuff from the AT&T’s online store. Utilities on the R255 embrace an alarm clock, a calendar, a calculator, a to-do list, and a stop watch. There’s also an audio recorder, currency and unit converter application.

R225 boasts a 5.3hour talk time and a 15 day standby time, well not surprising.


Under the low end category these days, not always, but similar phones facilitate Bluetooth, which however is non-existent in the R225. The inclusion of such definitely would have added a unique selling proposition to the phone, as long talk times at least deserve conversations through Bluetooth channel waves.

SMS is probably the best experience on the R225 first hand. The phone also has services for mobile email which include Yahoo, AOL, Windows Live, Gmail and exchange services. Though typing emails on the phone keypad is a rusty experience, but the option to cater to the internet needs is present on phone to facilitate. Furthermore, the phone also has an instant messenger app for the above stated service providers.

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  1. The phone sucks. It is hard to text! Don’t buy it! Believe it or not it’s not worth $15 whatsoever!

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