How To Convert Open Office Doc To Word


Open Office and Microsoft Office both are productivity suits with only difference of prices comparatively. Open Office suite is available free of cost to users where as Microsoft Office suite needs to purchase to get access. Open Office includes applications like Word processing, Spreadsheets, Presentation and Database management. Most of the users prefer these applications due to open-source code, flexibility, compatibility and facility to open and edit in other programs.

The only difference between Open Office document and Microsoft Office document files is compatibility. Just like MS Word, Write has all major features of word including grammar check, auto-save system, incredible support for variety of file formats and much more. If you are word user making a jump to Writer is not a difficult task and likewise if you are Writer user then MS Word is easy to learn and operate.

In fact when it is about advance feature of MS Word, variety of editing feature and change tracking comes in top of list. These days even Writer is also capable to perform such functions as well. There are no major difference between Word and Writer that help to decide one is better. Word is capable what Writer can do and vice-versa.

Microsoft Word Vs Open Office Documents

MS Word application help to save documents in .doc format in older Word versions including 2003 and below versions. In upgraded Word version 2003 and above including 2013/2016 .docx files are created. The only difference is in older version of Word documents newer version say .docx are not accessible. But newer versions .docx can read .doc file without facing any technical issues.

Open Document Format files easily operable by any version of Open Office without facing problems. The only difference is older versions of Open Office discard the elements those are not handled so that document is always editable. Open Office able to open various doc files to convert into ODT/ODF (Open office document format).

Open Document Format (ODF) file consists of .odt (Word processor documents), .ods (Spreadsheets documents), .odp (Presentation documents). The advantage of using ODF is non-dependency of platform all types of word processor can read files and have ability to import/export ODF.

How To Convert Open Office Doc To Word?

MS Word including 2010 and older versions cannot read/edit Open Office ODT files. To get around this problem, user needs to change ODT files into DOC format. Users can make use of free built-in programs comes pre-packed with Windows. By default Office 2010 support reading ODT files therefore the following procedure is only useful is you are 2007 or below version.

Step 1: Right click ODT file which is likely to be convert and select ‘Open With’ > WordPad.

Note: If WordPad does not appear in list, users can choose from the default program menu manually.

How To Convert Open Office Doc To Word

Step 2: After the file gets open in WordPad, click ‘File Menu’ and select ‘Save As’ option. Click on ‘Office Open XML Document’ and locate the file in system as per your requirements.

How To Convert Open Office Doc To Word

That’s it! The file will be converted in .docx format and can be readable by any MS Office Word version. The process is simple, time consuming and does not require any additional tool to convert Open Office documents in Word documents.

How To Convert Open Office Doc To Word

Author: As author of MS Outlook Tools, Peter has experience more than 20 years in IT industry and he is now working with an expert data recovery firm. He has quality expertise in the Office products especially in Microsoft Outlook and love to solve users query by providing excellent solutions.

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