5 Cool iPhone Lifestyle Apps You Must Have In 2011


5 Cool iPhone Lifestyle Apps You Must Have In 2011

Lifestyle applications are one of the coolest things about the iPhone. There are loads of useful apps for cooking, health, banking, and shopping that make life easier and are worth checking. Here’s five of the most interesting, useful, and well made of them.

  • Epicurious

Arguably the most complete virtual cookbook available for the iPhone, Epicurious is not just for gourmands. It’s so easy and quick to plan meals with it and it’s so accessible all round that it will entice you to try foods you’ve never even thought of before. However, the really strong point of Epicurious is its relevancy and especially the fact that it allows you to get an idea about how useful a recipe really is by seeing how many people are willing to try it for the second time. What’s more, you don’t even need shop much for these recipes: Epicurious can suggest recipes based on the ingredients you already have at home.

  • Mixology

If you get Epicurious, you must also get Mixology. The latter is a cocktail app that helps you create drinks with the alcohols and mixers that you already have. But that’s not all. Mixology also comes with a comprehensive glossary of relevant cocktail terms and lots of practical tips on how to become a more refined drinker. Overall it’s really accessible and can help you find the information you need in no time. Even more, Mixology boasts a powerful search function that you can use to locate nearby bars. Locations are frequently updated so the info provided is always accurate.

  • WebMD

If you’re a hypochondriac then you’ll just love this app. is a rich online medical resource that covers everything related to health and disease and this little app lets you check up clusters of symptoms. It’s highly accurate and so comprehensive that there’s a good chance you’ll grow really fond of it and start imagining you have all sorts of illnesses. Just check up all the possible diseases that a headache may portend and you’ll get the point. WebMD iPhone app is a must have because while using it you get to know more about your body and common diseases.

  • Shop Savvy

Helping you quickly compare prices from top stores, Shop Savvy is useful whether you’re a shopaholic or just the type who occasionally looks for a bargain. All you have to do is scan the barcode of a product and wait a few moments for a detailed comparison of prices between online and local stores. You’ll also appreciate the customer reviews available which will help you make up your mind whether an item is worth buying or not. Shop Savvy is warmly recommended – it tends to be more accurate than other similar apps.

  • PayPal

If you use PayPal on a regular basis then you’ll appreciate the accessibility of the PayPal app for iPhone. It lets you do all the things you can do online plus some other really cool stuff. For instance, with a few photos taken of a check with the device’s built-in camera you can automatically deposit the check into your account. There are other features, like Bump Phones, which are just awesome. If you’re a PayPal user that wants a simpler banking experience, then check this little app.

This article has been written by Arjun Khanna, Arjun is the gadget guru of Offshore Ally, a company of smart and competent virtual assistants and link builders. He is a tech savvy guy who likes anything to do with technology, gadgets and web designing. Connect with him via Twitter.

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