Five Great Tips For Getting The Most Out of Your Old Phone


5 Great Tips For Getting The Most Out of Your Old Phone

Most mobile phone users now have some type of smartphone. A nonstop stream of upgrades means that most smartphone owners trade up and change their smartphones every few years or so. What happens to those formerly cutting-edge device, once they’re tossed in a drawer in favor of the latest and greatest model? There’s no need to contribute to the growing e-waste problem when you could probably get more from your old phone. Let’s look at a few creative ideas for these old devices:

Sell it

If you’re going to sell your old phone, it’s best to do it immediately after getting a new device. As phones get older, they’re worth less and less money, so take action quickly. Phone accessories can also be sold online, and you can make more money if you sell them together. If you don’t already have a case, consider getting one for the phone before selling to get the most money out of your old phone. You can find accessories like Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases for a great prices online. It would be a good investment before selling your old phone.

Make use of the camera

Even outdated smartphones have a fairly good camera and video recorder. An old device could be attached to your monitor as a webcam, re-purposed as a baby monitor, or even integrated into a home security strategy. Using an old phone as a camera in situations where you are worried about breaking or losing the camera, or want to bring something compact, is a great alternative.

Turn it into a dedicated device

Smartphones have a lot of capabilities, using it as a device for gaming, music or e-reading is an option you should consider. This is especially handy in situations where you might not want to take your brand-new device, like listening to music while you’re out running.

Recycle it

There’s never a need to throw out an old phone. The majority of wireless providers have some sort of take back program for unwanted devices, and manufacturers often accept old phones for refurbishment. Be sure to wipe your phone of any data before sending your phone to any of these recycling programs.

Give it to a family member

Gifting your old phone to one of your kids or an elderly parent can be a great way to make the most of an outdated device. You won’t have to worry about an older parent being unreachable when they’re out and about, and you can ensure that your kids have a device to use in the event of an emergency. With special restricted contracts designed for kids, giving them your old phone can be a practical and economical move.

Your old phone doesn’t have to become useless once you’ve upgraded to a newer model. There was a time you thought it was the best piece of technology. Although its reign as your favored device might be over, you can still be creative and put it to good use.

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